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Can't get paint???

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Click on settings, the go to Update & Security and click, and then on the right side of the screen you will see link to OS build info.
Click and scroll down and see if you have Windows 10 version 1909.
If you OS has not been updated you may need to run the Troubleshooter to fix the Updater or you may have your system set to only update by permission.

Make sure that your system clock is correct. It can effect downloads for some reason.

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I clicked Update and security, but what do you mean "The right side of the screen"? Because I dont see much there. Also, I used to use the DotPDN version of Paint.net, but the computer crashed because it ran out of storage space. So we had someone use their magical skills to retrieve the important files and do CPR on the computer to bring it back to life. then I went to download the DotPDN version again, and it said my computer doesn't support it.image.thumb.png.6d47bea80bb86a4b60d5fb4645f9061c.png

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Often a reboot is required to finish installing updates. Do try at least a couple of reboots to see if this helps.

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@Irreversible Extents, your screenshot shows that you're running a version of Windows 10 that's at least two years old. (Some of the Taskbar icons are a dead giveaway)


Please run Microsoft's Windows 10 Update Assistant:



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