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Pasted image colour are inverted


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So this is a genuine PDN issue then?


I ask because the pasted image colour and some other things seemed a bit unusual to me. I think I found the original image via Google > Images using the search "red apple transparent background PNG".  The blue apple also looks like it has been additionally cut and pasted at some point too.


Whatever is happening that is not the inverted colours. As I expected the actual inverse colour of the apple is cyan and of course the highlight areas invert to black. So whatever is occurring it is not a colour inversion it is recolouring of some sort. It looks most like the kind of result you get using ZK's Manual Color Correction plugin if you sample the apple red and use primary blue as the secondary colour.


Colour change is not unknown problem when dealing with images that have transparency. Different graphics programs react.........ummm.......differently. But in this case it is just the background that is transparent so why is a 'solid' red apple when pasted into PDN displaying as primary blue?


I'll be interested to find out what caused this.




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1 hour ago, IHaveNoName said:

Thanks for the explanation but how and why does that happen, apparently, just with cut and pasted web sourced images and not others which, surely, would have provoked far more posts?


It is just the way Firefox puts graphics on the clipboard.

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This only seems to happen when using Firefox's "Take a Screenshot" functionality. When you right-click an image and select "Copy image", Firefox also places something else on the clipboard that Paint.NET uses which works better (CF_HDROP).



The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

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