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Full Page Screenshot Color Distortion


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I will often copy full webpages and paste the results in paint.net in order to edit the page and save them as pdf's.  Recently, when copying the page and pasting it in paint.net, I will get a blue hue to all of the pictures.  If I choose to save the file and open it in paint.net, the pictures are fine.  Also, if I paste it to window's paint the pictures are normal.  I can even copy it from window's paint, and paste it in paint.net and the pictures are fine.  If I just do print screen to copy the visible page and then paste in paint.net, there is no color alteration. I am using firefox as my browser and I paint.net version 4.2.4.

I am including pics of how I copy then one pic of just pasting to paint.net and one of pasting in window's paint then copying and pasting to paint.net. The blue one is the straight paste to pdn.




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I am experiencing this same issue. Prior to version 4.2.4 copy/pasting from Firefox using the embedded tool worked perfectly. Now the same procedure induces a blue hue over all captured screenshots. A workaround is to first paste into Windows Paint then into Paint.NET, but I'm hoping that whatever incompatibility was introduced with this latest patch can be resolved.

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This happens on my end as well. It may have something to do with Firefox too, but I've never had it happen before the recent paint.net updates.


Occasionally, it also happens to copied images (not just screenshots). It looks like the colors are off in such a way that the hue adjustment tool can't correct it.

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Rick Brewster (the developer of Paint.NET) has been recently making changes in the clipboard code of Paint.NET in order to fix some issues. This code is incredibly touchy (as you probably have noticed)...


Rick doesn't always have all the software on his system as you might have. So, to help him debug the problem, follow the instructions on how to share your clipboard contents with him at this link:




Once he gets the .CLP file, he can start to debug the problem.


NOTE: without sending him the .CLP file, there is NO WAY for him to debug the problem.  If you want a fix, spend a few minutes and help him debug the problem.  THANKS!

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Okay I got the file from @vvye. I'm able to reproduce the issue and might be able to fix this for the 4.2.5 release. Thanks!


For now you'll need to first paste into mspaint and then copy/paste it over to PDN.

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The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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