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Lossy vs Lossless??

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Jpg images are lossy, is this the right term?

I save images as pdn, png, bmp, & jpg. (1st thing I always do is save original images as png)

If I have saved an image as jpg, not close it, then (add layer paste etc,) modify it ,  does this effect its image quality?

Does this question make sense?

Every time a jpg is 'opened' & modified then closed its 'quality' degrades, right? What about as above?

I could (ctrl-z) back to pdn, png, or bmp, (1st lossless image)  & then modify, would this make any difference?

Make sense?




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Think of jpgs as the end product. Useful for display by not great for editing. Yes you will continue to lose quality each time you edit and resave a jpeg. For this reason you're better to do your editing on a lossless version of your image.

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You can continue to edit an open file without degradation.


The loss happens in the saved jpg file, not in memory.  So, as long as you don't close your file, you haven't actually lost any quality yet. You can still save a png file at full quality.


You can see the loss when you open a saved jpg file.

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