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What are the best digital drawing software for artists

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5 hours ago, Pixey said:


Fortunately @Mimi & @HyReZ many programs are still around even after 3 years :)

The link that you provided was initially about graphics tablets. Many of the graphics tablets being sold now are less than three years old.

The fact the link was closed was due to comments to the creator of the thread, that they would have selected a graphics tablet between then and now.

In the link that you provided is a reference to Krita. In my response I recommended the use of Krita, which has been around since 2005 and the current version is better than ever. In fact I have been using Paint.NET, Adobe Photoshop, and Corel Draw for over a decade. They are all better than they were 10 years ago!

Any listing of best graphics illustration software would be subjective, but I would include Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, and Krita.
It is not just the tool but the user too! Michelangelo would do far better with a box of Crayola's than any preschooler! 🙂

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On 5/17/2019 at 7:41 AM, Mimi said:

As the right software helps to develop amazing artwork, I was wondering what would be the top 10 software to use for drawing tablet. Thanks 😉

The comment was about the top ten software for Drawing Tablets.
Paint.NET does not support pressure sensitivtiy now, but it is on the list of upcomming features for this year!


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Krita does many things well, but two things it excels at is Brushes and Drawing Tablet support.

So, for those two to things, I recommend Krita above all.

In all other cases, I recommend Paint.NET

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For PDN users, you could use Krita to convert files since it supports just about every blending modes in existence in v4.2(other than lazpaint, Krita is the only one that supports every pdn modes as xor do not exist in ps or affinity or gimp) and PDN users aren't likely to get them soon. Plugins don't solve issues with PDN blending modes. The latest ora allows for interchangeability(w/ shortcomings) but it really is best to have a filetype plugin for this purpose.

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thanks guys for your very helpful and constructive comments. Yeah, looking for the best software which can support pressure sensitivity. Krita seems to be a great option, and it's for free 😂😂
I'm also curious to know any experience using Corel Painter 2019 or Affinity Designer

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