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Saving file creating disk error!!!

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These are the precise steps that created the problem. It is a very very serious issue! Please do something.

  • I had a 27 KB JPG file in the C Drive (Download folder). 
  • I use Windows 10 64 bit machine. Latest updates are installed. The machine is up to date.
  • I launched Paint.Net 4.1.5 version (latest).
  • Clicked the open file button and opened the jpg file.
  • Added a dot with shapes tool.
  • Clicked the save button. The file got saved. 
  • Now the file is still open in Paint.Net. I closed the Paint.Net program.
  • Immediately an error messaged popped up from Windows notification centre. Disk Error! Restart Windows to scan and fix the error. I restarted windows and it started checking C drive for error and it took around 15 mins and then the system opened.
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Hello @amritendu and Welcome to the forum :)


Disk errors can be caused by various things, and not necessarily the fault of Paint. net.  Usually you need to run chkdsk in Windows, which you seem to have done.  Please retry what you did before and report back what happens.  If there is a crash, or error message, please go to the little cog :Settings: in the upper right hand corner of the PDN canvas window and copy the results, if any, from the Diagnostics.  There is an option to Copy to clipboard.



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Initially, I also thought it is the problem of my hard disk. But that is not the case. Hard disk check is done. Health is good. The problem only happens with Paint.Net and it is reproducible. For example, after saving the file, if you close the file and then close Paint.Net, nothing will happen. Things will be fine. However, when the file is open in the Paint.Net and you close the program it will lead to the hard disk error message. So I think it has something to do with Paint.Net. However, Paint.Net does not crash, so I can not submit any crash report. 

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