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Forgot How I Did This. Any Ideas how to reproduce it?

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Hi @mafitd

Welcome to the forum.

Without plugins the only built in effect would be zoom blur. It comes close but is not exactly what you posted. You may have created several layers at different opacities to get the effect.

There is a plugin called zoom blur deluxe that almost get its right (90%). While zooming in, an angle had to be applied to get the center lined up but it wont smooth the blur as demonstrated in your pic. Play with Zoom blur and see if it helps your memory. Maybe another member can duplicate your creation. I tried.


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Try these....


Effects > Blurs > Motion blur.  Angle around -123, Distance around 90


Effects > Blurs > Zoom Blur.  Max out the strength setting. Center the effect in the U shaped part of the blob.


Adjustments > Posterize. Link the sliders and use a setting of 8.




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