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  1. This is something like only I wanted to also randomise the source images.
  2. I've used the random shape generators where a shape is duplicated (with or without overlaps a given number of times at a specific density) What would be the most time-economical way to do something similar but with a collection of images from file? Any ideas thanks.
  3. Thanks Ergo. That did it. I didn't want to use just the rectangle tool as i needed the borders spot on, but the finishing with Magic works great. Thanks
  4. @Rick Sorry. I have no idea how i posted to plug ins !
  5. Can someone help me how to select the entire contents of the red box on the left without having to draw around it ? I tried various settings with the magic wand but no luck. thanks
  6. I have a file with multiple layers. The objects are duplicated (same size and location) throughout the layers but each layer is colored differently. I need to save out each object in each layer separately and now realise that this is going to take an age. Can anyone suggest a best plan of action or any shortcuts I could make use of ? Thanks.
  7. new layer. it usually pastes into the exact place it was cut from, just on a diff. layre
  8. Hello. I've been using p.n for a while now so know it quite well (famous last words), but I'm having a pasting problem. I ctl+magicwand to select a number of areas, ctlx and paste into a new layre, but the pasted content does not appear in the correct place in the new layre (it usually does) I'm guessing that there is a setting somewhere that I might have knocked ? Any ideas ? Thanks
  9. Hello. I need to take and object, duplicate it to another layer and rotate it, so that I have a circle of objects. I hope that makes sense. Imaging drawing the pips on the dial of a clock. Is there any plugin or other way to automate this ? If not any clues as to how to do it efficiently ? Thanks.
  10. Yes that's got it. I wasn't thinking outside the box/head lol. Never knew about ctl I. Can't see it ony menus.
  11. @BoltBait I have your plugin pack but when I tried I got all the unselect bit also. Here's an example pic. If I magic wand it, it grabs all the detail, I just want to select the perimeter of the object. Hope that's clearer.
  12. Hi. I was wondering if theres a plugin or a method to get the outline of a magic wand selection. I'm wanting the outer edges of the selection with any internal detail or 'edge holes' removed. Hope that makes sense.
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