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  1. I can't see anything in the plug in that does that. I seem to remember that I did it in one step then coloured each band individually ? Maybe I did it in Inkscape and then brought it back into P.net ?
  2. Ca anyone suggest how I made multiple outlines around an image ? https://1drv.ms/u/s!AraXP7LtRcVmp7g_p-LUn_u6usV4bQ
  3. I've actually tried the eraser tool but my OCD gets in the way of my ability to produce randomness :) That's why I thought a layer with clouds might work so then I can re-seed the effect until it looks good.
  4. I have an image that I'll be printing onto a black t-shirt, but I need to find a way of feathering the edges so that the image looks more part of the shirt rather than stuck on. (I hope that makes sense). The feathering should not be uniform, so I thought about using Clouds, but I can't get my head around how to create a black cloud vignette layer. Any ideas? Thanks.
  5. Oops forgot about this as Onedrive was playing up and taking ages to sync. Here's a link to the image... https://1drv.ms/u/s!AraXP7LtRcVmp6Nxuc53cYBG4dqXWA?e=8j7XCQ
  6. I made the attached image a good while ago and now I need to recreate something similar. Problem is I don't recall how I did it I think that it involved Clouds to get the graduations and then Flames, but I just can't seem to replicative the 'brassiness' or intensity. The must have been some additional steps ? Any ideas ? Thanks.
  7. Full Marks Ego ! I guessed the Zoom Blur bit, but forgot the Posterize. Thanks so much
  8. Hi people. I have completely forgotten how I did this. Basically a B&W silhouette to step graduated greyscale. Any clues ?
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