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Single Pixel Colour Layers

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Hi everyone!

Ive made good use of paint.net over the last 5yrs; Ive used this software to find a rare Roman relic which only requires to be unearthed. I can SEE it because of paint.net and how I process satellite images. To further expand my technique it would be enormously handy if there was a way of extracting every pixel colour and automatically creating layers based on only each single colour from the image's palette. Is this feature already available somewhere?, eg. as a plug-in, or would anyone be interested to write it? Thanks.

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Counting the number of individual colors in a satellite image is bound to run into the tens of thousands. Better not run it on a full image!

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What can be done in plugin now:

You select a color and a plugin modifies existing layer to leave only pixels with this color or pixels with any color except this.

Of the plugins I have installed,

- Unblend by ArgusMagnus can do the latter.

- Color Accent by Kris Vandermotten sort of does the former (just desaturates the rest of image).

- Color To Alpha (can't see the author) sort of does the former (fiddly controls).

Maybe there are more.


As for file type plugin, it might be something like existing ZIP plugin, with custom layer splitting logic: 


Speaking of custom logic:

It might be viable to have just an external script using ImageMagick to modify the layers inside archive produced by existing ZIP file format plugin.


I think this topic is somewhat related to 

 as an industry-specific task that can benefit from better plugin API.

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