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More Curve Points?

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I know there isn't a plug-in that allows you to add more curve points onto the line tool thats why I made this thread!! respond like upvote what ever to make the devs see this and see how much we want a more to be able to add more points for an update!

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You might try the ShapeMaker plugin. (And grovelling for upvotes is unbecoming.)


I'll add that I wish the line/curve tool had a mode allowing lines and curves to be chained end-to-end, so that the last point in one line/curve becomes the first point in the next. As far as adding more control points, each curve produced by the line/curve tool is a cubic polynomial, so four control points is an intrinsic limitation for that type of curve, since four points determine a cubic polynomial, just as two points determine a line segment.

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If six control points is enough then get this https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/26457-bezncurve-6-control-points-new-21st-may-2013/ 


Otherwise ShapeMaker as MJW pointed out.


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