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Pencil size

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hi, im preety new to the .NET forum but i was wondering. i couldn't find any pencil size mod? how do i make one? (i know you cloud just use the brush but i whant to have a square as the pencil size like this! ------->image.png.ba016093064d47454b63eb1946c53663.png or something like it?!?

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Hi @Stigson

Welcome to the forum


I see three options for you


1. Load up Custom brushes and create your own 2X2 square pixel brush. (I think this is your best option)


2. Turn off anti aliasing and select brush size of 4. This will give you more of a square than a circle,


3. Just copy your 2X2 square to the clipboard and paste as required.


Other forum members might have other ideas. Hope these help. B)

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I think you should use brush with brush width 2 and disable antialiasing, which is same as the pencil you described.


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