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Tips - edit a picture

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Hello friends,


I'm not very experienced in editing picture, but I need an advise on using the advanced tools available in Paint.net

I have a PCB board that has the component layer showed with red color. I want to remove all the red lines and restore the blue copper areas available. 

Can you give me an advice how can I do this without to much manual work ?

Thanks !


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If it is really a layer for the red lines, simply delete this layer.

But you wouldn't ask, if there was a layer, so your image is a JPEG or PNG or something else without layers. Therefore you have to paint over every single red pixel. You could set up the paintbucket for color by filling mode global and a tolerance of about 50% to paint all red pixels with the blue color. Then you have to change only some small areas with black or green.

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8 hours ago, moska2004 said:

Can you give me an advice how can I do this without to much manual work ?


I'm afraid this is going to be lots of manual work.  My advice:


Use the Clone Stamp tool to remove the red lines.  http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/CloneStamp.html

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1. Change the red lines to transparent. There are many ways to do this, the magic wand in global mode will do it but I used a plugin (Recolour choice), there are many other good colour removing plugins. Make sure you get all the red.
1.a If you can't get rid of the red edges, try the AAassistant plugin (once you have transparent 'holes' for it to work on).dpys pack with AAassistant
2. Use MJW's .Edge Expander




Not perfect but relatively quick.



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