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PDN portable?

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It's easier than that....



Simply copy the %PROGRAMFILES%/paint.net/ folder to your USB drive. Unplug the drive and put it in another PC.


Navigate to the USB drive /paint.net/ folder and run the paint.net exe.


Note: the PC must have .NET 4.6 installed (paint.net requirement).

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ok i have downloaded PDN onto flash. seems to be working fine. but iam scratching my head to what kind of plugin pack i should download. this is first for me. before, on my old pc, i never bothered to download any plugins.


(pdn version 4.0.9)


whoops scratch that. i was able to download pyrochild's plugin pack, add plugins to effects folder on in program section. good to go.


could i add any other packs too?

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Just bear in mind that each plugin slows the startup speed. If you have loads of plugins there can be quite a delay.


There are illegal plugin packs bundled and available on other websites. Avoid these like the plague! They contain viruses. The only safe place to download plugins is this forum or from links posted here by the plugin author.

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