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How Do I make realistic clouds?

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Or, if you actually want real looking clouds, you'll have to download the Custom Brushes plugin, which also has the information you'll need to use Photoshop Cloud brushes (you'll need to download some brushes too - deviantART has some excellent ones :D)

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I was going to ask for real clouds... Then I looked here, this doesnt help. I made realistic- ish clouds but I tottly forgot how to make them again... Heres what they looked like... if you have any help on how I can make them... please tell me. I didn't use the cloud effect at all, so I got sorta clueless.

So im building my mini city and I just started. Its on my mini city.com. Here the link to mine! I really appreciate it!http://my-oldcountry.myminicity.com

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