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installation automatique

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j'ai installe les pluing BoltBait avec le fichier _install_.bat ceci est ok en le faisent directement a partir de ce fichier


j'aurai voulu l'installer a partir de wpi (windowspostinstall) mais cela ne fonctionne pas 


auriez vous une solution


faut-il modifier le fichier .bat


merci pour votre aide



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In English please. Try Google Translate.

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I'm not familiar with how the .bat file actually handles the file copying.

You could manually copy the plugin DLL files into your paint.net/Effects folder. Then restart paint.net.

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I can help you understand what the install.bat file does:


Most of the install.bat file is concerned with forcing Admin privileges.  The next part figures out where paint.net is installed.


Then, it simply copies the files to the appropriate directories.


If you don't have to worry about obtaining Admin privileges, then what needs to be done becomes very simple.  I'm not familiar with "windowspostinstall" so I can't help you on that end.  Sorry.

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If I understand correctly, you are installing the plugins using the WPI?


Applying WPI you don't need to use the file with extension .bat.


If you want to understand the purpose of the _install_.bat file, open it in any text editor - everything will become clear to you.

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Good evening
if I understand well you have to transform the .bat file .exe
I try with Bat_to_exe_converter and informs you of the result later



That is not going to work.


It is probably best if you ask for help here: http://www.msfn.org/board/forum/93-windows-post-install-wizard-wpi/


Good luck.

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