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Clone flow

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 only had  paint .net  for a few days,  

using the clone,  could nt  see  any  control  for the  ...flow...  opacity  ?


also  I  selected a  location to  clone  from  but  it then followed my  circle

all over   when I  wanted it  to  remain  in the location  !



thanks  for  any  advice

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Hello. :)
The clone stamp has two circles, and when you draw, both circles move. That is how the tool functions. Check out the paint.net documentation to learn more about the tool. Red Ochre has told you how to get to the documentation. If you can't find the clone stamp page, then feel free to ask, I will give you a link.

Here are two old, but helpful, videos about using the Clone Stamp Tool. Video 1 Video 2
The videos might be old, but the clone stamp tool still works about the same. The main difference is the brush in the current paint.net has a soft/hardness (which is a good thing. You can make the brush's edge very soft for better blending). For older versions of paint.net, I don't know if you could get the source from another layer, but you can in the current paint.net. What I mean is, you can choose the clone stamp tool, click your source on your picture, then add a new layer, and start drawing. This feature is also mentioned in the documentation.

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Clone stamp help: http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/CloneStamp.html


The Clone Stamp inherits the transparency setting of the Primary* color. So if you want to have a lower opacity to the stamp, lower the opacity of the Primary color in the expanded Colors Window.


The Clone stamp source point moves along with the destination. They are 'locked' once you start cloning. If you want the same source point you really need to be copying & pasting + the Move Tool :MoveTool:




* Assuming you're using the left mouse button. If you're using the right mouse button - Clone Stamp will inherit the opacity of the Secondary color.

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I'm way ahead of you. I've flagged a rewrite of the Clone Stamp page :D

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