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[Suggestion] Paint.NET's YouTube Channel

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What do you guys think?

We can upload out Paint.NET video tutorials.

We can upload news videos. What's new with Paint.NET, etc.

We can get so many subscribers. Even more people will join the forum.


Now we can talk this through or if you think that this will not have any success then we can leave this aside and lock this topic.

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Something that popped into my head while I was day dreaming.

But I think it would be great.

And if we get really successful with our YouTube Channel, we might even get a YouTube Partner Channel. But that will take some time since we will be very fresh to the YouTube Community.

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Me and you both could do it, then maybe get a official license from Rick to make it the "Official" YouTube page. I think it would be good for me and you to do it, not because I don't think you are good enough for it, just that if we have two people constantly working on it.. it will grow quicker. :)

I'll make it and PM you the pass, etc. What should the acc be? PaintdotNET?

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Yeah sure. O.k. I don't see any problem with us both working on it. And you're right. It will grow faster.

Now the acc. name should probably be Paint.NET. Now, if that is already taken, then we can use your option.

Sounds reasonable. Let's do it. Send me the p/w, when you are done.

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