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how to make: Bolts

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Im working on a project that has a steel plate design and I tried using the gem tutorial all the ones from about 25 pages back to current and then reducing the size.. but nothing really comes out appropriate...Im trying to make a hexagonal bolt head that would screw down onto a steel plate..

anyone have a good way to handle this ?

its going on a logo for a website.

thanks again,


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Also, the Shape3D plugin could be of assistance for utmost perspective realism. I must emphasise 'perspective' in that the plugin can only work with what you give it - it can't make a bolt look photo-realistic by willing it to do so. The Force does not exist ;).

Tutorials such as the one linked to by LFC4EVER will help greatly. Or, if you wish to draw your bolt manually (as in, no Shape3D), then the advice of Curmudgeon will be one part of your task ahead.

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Ah, I read it as the steel plate was an example of the type of bolt, hence 'that would screw down onto a steel plate', not 'that is screwed down onto a steel plate'.

Well, we've given suggestions for either outcome, so it doesn't matter that much. Saying that, this only proves we need example images ;).

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