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Use for a teacher.

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Hello all. I'm tony , a geography and Eng Lit teacher based in Karachi. The Paint.NET program is fantastic, and I'm experimenting with it for my work.

I'm particularly interested in it's use for geography , where i need it for various map/diagram effects to be printed out as worksheets.

I've found the arrows plug-in to be useful; are there ways to use the program for 3D modelling landscapes and landforms?

If I wish to show processes on a photo, is there a way to make curved arrows?

These are just a couple of questions. I'm on holiday here in Karachi, so i have time to work on this before next term.


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I am not sure if it is posible to make 3D landforms but for curved lines you could just use the line tool, bend it with the control points and then use it twice more for the arrowhead. It doesn't give such a perfect arrowhead but its a simple solution.

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