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  1. Xzerizon, one word: ASTONISHING! Just brilliant! rafroller, nice how you distorted the text, nice sig, but in my opinion it just isn't as good as Xzerizon's Xzerizon- 1 rafroller- 0
  2. Hmmm.. I REALLY like the concept of minners's sig, astonishing, but I agree with welshblue that the colours would be better if it was black on white. Rafroller's is really clean and nice colours, but is less original in my opinion. I think my point goes to Minners. Rafroller- 2 Minners71- 1
  3. That will make 3 for xzerizon, he won ^^ xzerizon - 3 NN79 - 0 I like the continuousity of xzerizon's, good textures, only a pity nothing happens with the text in my opinion. The whole image is moving and the text is just standing poorly About NN's, I agree with Welshblue.
  4. I challenge you with this one: I had a better one, but then I saw that one is too large for participating in the battle :S (600×300), but actually, it still is a sig..
  5. Haha, it isn't THAT bad At least it doesn't lack nice colours
  6. Minners, just... Wow... Very stylish and just astonishing! NN79, Good use of colours, but it could have a little 'more', if that is how I should say it. Minner- 1 NN79- 0
  7. I hope this one is fine... Stock images: http://www.flickr.com/photos/63658279@N04/5952419869/lightbox/
  8. Xzerizon- 0 NN- 1 NN's is very smooth and simple, but nice. Xzerizon's is a bit overblurred, in my opinion, so that made my choice.
  9. I really, really LOVE your signatures!! They're just astonishing! Keep it up
  10. minners71- 0 Welshblue- 1 Very astonishing Welshblue!
  11. Minners71- 0 Rafroller- 3 Rafroller's sig is just very polished, great colours!
  12. Doughty - 1 Nitenurse79 - 0 Of both I don't like the used colours, red 'n green bleeehh, but Doughty's is more refined in my opinion, so that's the decisive factor for me.
  13. minners71 - 3 Xzerizon - 0 Reason are said by NN ^^
  14. Man I love your work!! I maybe got some fine inspiration from it ;D
  15. Ur tutorial really helped me out making a nice lay-out for a poem!! I won't post the full version with the poem on it, because the poem is written in my mother-tongue Dutch ^^
  16. Thanks! ^^ I'll surely do something with your tip!
  17. ---WELCOME TO MY GALLERY!--- Hello people, a few months ago I started making signatures and other pics with Paint.NET. In this gallery you will find most of the work I made. P.S. the signatures may not be exactly in chronological order, but my latest work is at the end ~~~~~~~~ This is the first signature I ever made A banner I made for my gaming clan A signature I made for myself A signature for a clanmate of mine Another signature for a clanmate of mine. Another signature for a clanmate of mine When I started with this work I hadn't made any sigs for a few weeks, so I'd to warm up a bit again So far I consider this as the best pic I've ever made A wallpaper for a Gaming Community I've been working on lately, I'm still going te expand this one and improve it to be my 'masterpiece'. Any feedback? Don't be too shy to tell me! A more PhotoShop style sig! Siggie 'nother siggie ~~~~~~~~~~~ Hope you like my work!
  18. Thanks a lot! It really helped me to make a signature for a friend of mine. I just played around with the settings and layers and added a render and I got this:
  19. This was my output This is the first thing I made with Paint.NET, leaving the render 'n text <No cursing.> out of it. I'm think I did prety well
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