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  1. omg, its been over a decade since i made this tut and i totally forgot about it right after posting it! absolutely loooooove everyone's responses! shout out to @Ella@MJWand WOW @Maximilian@LoudSilencei really love what you've done with the tut and the birbs also HUGE shout out to @ReMakefor saving the post there's no way i would have still had the original images! randomly seeing this thread all these years later has made my day BONUS: i decided to follow my tutorial for old times sake and felt like adding an extra layer of black text with a highlight to give in an almost action-movie vibe
  2. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it This is a tutorial on how to make dramatic fire text like this: 1] Start with a black background and another layer with orange text saying whatever you want. I recommend using a classical like font because it works better with them. [it could be any color just orange looks the best.] 2] Magic wand select the text with global on, and at 69% -ish tolerance. Then with orange as primary and brown as secondary do a linear gradient like this: 3] Then duplicate that layer twice so that there are three of them like this: 4] On the "Small" Layer use a Gaussian Blur to about 10 radius: 5] On the "Large" Layer use a Gaussian Blur to about 80 radius: 6] Merge all of the text layers down to one like this: 7] On a new layer above the text layer, render a black and white clouds. Then set that clouds layer to "Color Dodge" 8] Merge all of those layers to one and You Did It!! You can also set the layer properties to make the text look different: It looks cool with: Color Burn, Additive, Reflect, Glow, Difference, Lighten, and Screen
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