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  1. OMG, I was just having fun! Is really both of your's birthday? Happy Birthday to BOTH of you guys!
  2. Well I just fixed that! I've made a couple to PDN, I guess you were due as well.
  3. I've toyed with your suggestion, I think it's gonna work! Thank you for your help and also to all you folks who've made these plugins, thanx again! This is gonna really open up a whole new world of possibilities now that I believe I'm on the right track...!
  4. OK, so today while I was out buzzing around I picked up a copy of Windows 8 Pro. I haven't opened it yet as I'm not sure if it's where I want to go (I suppose eventually I'll have to, but I suspect it'll be awhile 'til MS no longer supports W7). The only reason why I picked up the CD today was because of the price. I figured at it's introductory price, it was better to grab it now than later when it's at full price. So my question is: Has anyone else purchased it? If so, have you installed it and what is your overall opinion of it?
  5. Thanks for your help. I'll "give 'er the ol' college try" when I get my next opportunity (I'm away from home currently).
  6. As an example, I was hoping to use the grid warping to reshape a texture that would match an object on the background. Let us say that for example, I wanted to use tree bark and reshape and contour it match a picture of my face/head. Areas toward the center of the face would need to be pulled in towards the nose for example and other areas around other features. The texture would need to be manipulated separately, but as I'm doing so need to see the canvas so I know where I'm at. EDIT: I've tried getting this effect w/alpha displacement, but I was unsuccessful. But either the liquify or grid warping should be effective as well if seeing the canvas were possible while trying to manipulate the texture layer.
  7. Thanks, I'll try to keep that in mind and give it a try.
  8. The instructions I provided resized the background so it was the same size as the image with the text. If you follow the instructions from the beginning you won't have that problem. I'm currently responding from my phone so I can't show you at this time how to fix where you are at right now. So my recommendation is to start over.
  9. You can remove the white background the same way: Use the magic wand, click on the white background and press the delete key on your keyboard.
  10. OK, I'll see if I can't quickly put something together for you. In the meantime, I still suggest you remove your e-mail address. It would be better not only for you but for others who come here with your same question to see what the answer is, so we'll stick with replying to your question here. EDIT: 1.) First open up your colored background. For the sake of these instructions, I will show you how to resize the background so it is the same size as the image containing the text. 2.) With your background image open, go tot he menu under "Image" and select "Resize" 3.) Remove the check mark in the block next to "Maintain aspect ratio" and change the values in the Width and Height fields as shown (these are the same values for the text image you have that I downloaded). Then select OK. 4.) Next go to the menus again and under "Layers", select "Import From File..." 5.) Find you're text image and double click on it and click on "Open" 6.) Next select the magic wand 7.) With the magic wand selected, click on the inside area of one of your letters (it should turn to a light blue indicating you've selected it). 8.) With your selection made, press the "Delete" or "Del" key on your keyboard. This will delete the selected area from your image and thus show the backgound beneath it. 9.) Repeat steps 7 and 8 for each letter. 10.) When you've done each letter click on the "Merge Layer Down" button in the Layers pane and save your image.
  11. First, you want the colored picture on a layer on the bottom. The text should be on a layer on top of that. Next with the top layer active (if not already highlighted, click on that layer in the layer's pane), use the magic wand on the inside of the text. Now with the inside selected press the delete key on your keyboard. Repeat this for each letter. Additionally, after you've deleted the inside area of each letter you might find it necessary to clean it up a little bit. Use the AA Assistant once or twice. Let us know how this worked out for you. P.S. You may wish to modify your post to remove your e-mail address. You don't know who might be lurking and find it an opportunity to flood it with spam.
  12. I know the below images aren't anything new for folks who have visited and are familiar with my gallery, but for the sake of those individuals who haven't and are visiting this thread I thought I'd illustrate (and hopefully inspire others into) taking the basic technique of this tutorial to the next level:
  13. Is there some sort of restriction in Paint.NET that restricts the folks creating plugins from permitting the plugins to interact or function directly on the canvas/layer? For instance the smudge and liquify (and others) open another window where you make your adjustments. The reason why I ask is this results in doing some things blindly because you can't see the rest of the canvas. I think some of these plugins will be so much more effective (especially with the recent addition of grid warping) if you can do some of these things on the canvas so you can shape images/textures to follow contours, but this is nearly impossible without doing so with several blind attempts.
  14. To be honest, I love the challenge of cleaning up the pictures - in this case, this one in particular I attempted it twice, the first time I failed so I stepped away from it for a couple weeks then did it again. Often times my intent is to do something else with them after I'm done cleaning them up just to give them a different feel (like the one a page back where I cleaned up the trash and then added the car and motorcycle), but in this case after I was done I just couldn't think of how I could utilize the picture further so I didn't do anything more to it. Which in and of itself is fine too I suppose.
  15. Happy Birthday EER. Hope it's one of your finest!
  16. I don't think he wasn't trying to be insulting. What may be obvious to some is not obvious to others. Many folks go through a project without making notes on what they did. Then when others ask what they did they can't answer because they don't recall and/or didn't make any annotations. EER simply is not making any assumptions. Aside from this, it is a good general reminder for anybody who may read this thread.
  17. The below pictures I did awhile ago. Not exactly my best work (which is why I didn't post them earlier) This was done way back in February: This one was done back in August: This is a picture I cleaned up back in June: http://i1152.photobucket.com/albums/p495/JClout100361/RemadeRudesheimBoppard_zpsd8f5ced5.jpg
  18. Also, if you have the different images already that you wish to work with and how you'd like to combine them, maybe we can work from there.
  19. There is no quick answer for you about doing fantasy pieces. Each piece you do will more than likely have a different "feel" to them. Not only is it simply a matter of piecing different images together, but taking it a step further to make it "magical" looking. For instance, in the other thread you created, one of the images you provided had the caldrin with "wispy" lines and "bubbles" coming from it, but that sort of element isn't in the picture above. So, despite the fact that both pictures aren't the same you are still able to identify each as fantasy piece. So to elaborate on the very first sentence above, there will probably be several different things you'll need to learn in order to get the right effect. So I'm sure you have some ideas in your head of images you'd like to create, but to bring them out will mean learning different things. As mentioned previously, take some time and visit the tutorial section. Even though there may not be tutorials specific to "fantasy" work, I'm sure there will be elements in several that you can learn and then apply those different things to your work. Here's an example: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/25488-adding-realistic-light-rays-to-a-photo/ Now the above tutorial has nothing specifically to do with fantasy pictures, but it can be used in one if for example you wish to add sun rays in a background through the trees. There is also this tutorial (one I created): http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/23263-underwater-ruins/ Again, it has nothing to do with fantasy pictures, but it does touch upon 2 things. Combining multiple images, and changing the environment to feel and look like something else. This too can be incorporated into a fantasy picture: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/17235-glowy-swirl-tutorial/ As you can see (if you've looked at the tutorials) there several things that you can learn elsewhere here that will aid you in putting together a piece to your liking.
  20. Are these intended as a competition for the Darwin Awards? Dunno, my thought is simply, "just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should". But then again some folks may call me "lame" for thinking this way.
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