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  1. My rant: I hate electronic signature pads! I'll bet there are at least 1000 variations of my signature in electronic form, and not one matches how I sign a paper document! Besides the number of variations, the pads themselves are too small too!
  2. You can add a layer beneath it and paint it white and then the checkboard won't be visible. The checkerboard is Paint.NET's way of indicating transparency. Edit: Helen beat me by a few seconds I guess (great minds think alike?)
  3. Mix old tech with new. Put a ruler down and run your mouse along the ruler? EDIT: If your hand isn't stable enough, take a thick piece of cardboard, trace out your mouse, cut out the trace, insert your mouse and use the cardboard edge to follow the ruler.
  4. Awesome. It looks much better. Now she doesn't look like she was rushing to get out the door in the morning! (just kidding you know)
  5. What problem are you having? If you don't understand what is written, the picture illustrates what is said. How is this difficult? Plus it's only 5 steps.
  6. Here's a little insight into what Mr. Welsh was indicating: The checkerboard (upper right of the image) is Paint.NET's way of showing that area is transparent. When you are operating with a single layer and erase a portion of it, you will see the checkerboard. When you add a new layer that layer is created as already being transparent - if you click on the add layer button (shown above) it will appear like nothing has happened on the canvas, but it will be evident in the Layers pane. Remove the checkmark in the Layers pane on the background image and you will see that the added untitled layer is a checkerboard (see image below). You will note in the second image that Layers pane shows 2 layers and the "Layer 2" layer is represented by the infamous checkerboard. Also note that in this same image the "Background" layer is also highlighted. The highlighting indicates the layer you are working with. When you add a new layer, it'll become your "active" (highlighted) layer automatically. To switch back and forth between which layer you want to work with (which layer is "active"), simply click on the desired layer in the Layers pane and it will become highlighted and active. Also as indicated previously, removing the checkmark next to the layers turns the layer off and clicking back in the box will turn it back on. By turning it on/off you will likewise turn on/off whatever image is represented on that layer from what you see on the canvas. So, what you want to do is start w/the drawing of your house, then add a layer and then draw your outlines on the new layer. As far as the "adoption thing" is concerned, are you house-broken? You may also find this useful: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/25384-mastering-paintnet-ebook/
  7. I know Avim is working on this, but just so Rick understands what you are referring to there is a tutorial on here "Remove Tricky Backgrounds" which has an attached google doc with the actual tutorial. I believe what he was referring to is shown on the second or third step of the tutorial. https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1If-8y_QixkSAwKhbPP3QwZQgnY0TmIqZzsxgGL6non8
  8. Don't cut yourself short (or it) - quite possibly it still may be useful to you... ...as the man said:
  9. I don't know what file format you were trying to save it as but I found this for you: "Recovery of JPEG/ JPG Files This type of file contains a photo or a picture. When a JPEG file does not open in any of the default programs such as Paint, Windows Photo Gallery, Fax Viewer, and some others; it is to be considered corrupted. If the file turns corrupt, you are unable to view the picture. You initially need to try retrieving the file by renaming and saving it with a .jpg file extension. If this does not work, the next step would be to take aid of some JPEG image recovery applications. JPEG Recovery and Picture Doctor are some of the applications which can be used in repairing corrupted JPEG files." http://www.buzzle.com/articles/how-to-recover-corrupted-files.html Beyone that, I don't have anything more to offer you at this time.
  10. Nook is Barnes & Noble's e-book reader ( http://www.barnesand...0NOOK%20-%20New ). I've been using their software (Nook on my iphone and on our android devices) for quite awhile now and don't really wish to have 2 different readers.
  11. Not a problem. Maybe the person with whom you spoke with that referred you here did not fully understand what you desired (how to install/replace the orb in your OS). That's not a function of the software or the forums. Creating the orb itself however can be accomplished by the techniques learned through those tutorials via the links provided earlier. But don't despair, there are other things through the tutorial section(s) that may yet be useful to you for other things as well (just so you don't feel installing the program was a waste of your time). Meander about and see if anything grabs you.
  12. Nice! In the previous version, the surrounding elements causes the viewer towards the center, whereas in this version the "Nova Tech" stands it's own ground more equal to the overall image itself and doesn't "disappear" into the work as the previous version began to do. My personal taste however suggests to me that it needs/wants something else. I don't specifically know though what that would be (don't let this comment be interpretted as there is something necessarily wrong with it as I might very well be a minority in this opinion).
  13. The piece, "Synaptic Occlusion" is pretty cool. One of the features I noticed about it was how the drop shadow seems to be applied. I noted that it didn't exist for the whole of the connected segments. This isn't a critique against it, but rather a comment about how it gives the appearance that the center background area seems to drop down and away from those segments. Nicely done. The untitiled flower (or I guess you're calling it "pansylicious" now) is pretty cool too (I like it over the other - but don't ask me why because I don't know why).
  14. A brief comment and then a question: First, I visited the link and read the sampling that Amazon provides. I am profoundly humbled for the mention/inclusion in your book (as I'm sure others here are as well). From the sampling that I read, it appears very well written and informative. Though I don't currently know when, I do hope to acquire a copy at some point. This leads me to my question... Do you have any intentions of producing a Nook version of this as well?
  15. To maintain transparency you must save it as either gif or png
  16. I love your latest (fantasy) piece. It is really an amazing piece, but I do have some critiques however. The white highlights on the face (under the right eyebrow, the chin and on the nose-near nostril) seem too sharp to me when compared to the white in the neck line and shoulder and forehead. I am still in awe though about the whole piece and the amount of detail that it has. Despite my comment above, it far better than anything that I could put together and your works are probably some of the finest anyone will ever see.
  17. Along the lines of Helen's comments, it appears the "Nova Tech" seem to be slightly mismatched. The "Tech" portion of the text is bright on the top left and dark towards the lower right whereas the "Nova" portion don't show these same attibutes. Maybe this is how one or multiple effects were applied (maybe off-centered)? I like the piece overall though, I just think that if the effect was intentional, maybe if it was applied equally between the 2 words, it would be even better. I also think that the font used is a good choice.
  18. There is a grid maker plugin. I'm responding from my phone, so I can't provide a link, but go to the plugin section and you can find it through there.
  19. Yes you can. Think of it in these terms, you're just getting them from a different download source (even though you're not actually downloading). The various plugins aren't really "installed" in the traditional sense. You simply download a zip file and copy the dll file into the appropriate folder (the same thing you will be doing with a USB stick).
  20. This tutorial might be useful: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/16395-sharps-line-sig-tutorial/
  21. This reply isn't going to get you anywhere as I do not know what's causing your issue, but I too am using Windows7 w/8MB of RAM and I am using 3.5.10 as well, and I have no problem opening up 20+ images. So Paint.net does not have such a restriction. EDIT: Try searching Canon MP470 Windows 7 Scanning Problem. I found some comments regarding communications issues w/the provided USB cable. I noted several responses indicating such things as "you must buy a DS (double shielded) USB printer cable about 1.8 m in length" or similar. I don't know that this is necessarily your resolution, but a possibility.
  22. You certainly can work on two canvases simultaneously. The canvases are shown at the top right of the screen. Simply click on the one you wish to copy from, make your selection, copy it, click on the other canvas at the top, and then paste in what you selected.
  23. Yes Renee, the individual is spamming. He/she didn't hit just your thread, but got a few others too. The moderators will remove them when they come in. This happens from time-to-time. As frustrating as it can be, you'll just have to ignore them and wait for the moderator to remove them.
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