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  1. First, the interface is an "either or" situation. You select one method or the other. Since you're not changing the size by percentage, then you are specifying the size you want it to be. The "OK" button is greyed out because you did not modify any of the original dimensions to specify what you want it to be now. It logically cannot say OK I'll change your image to this size if you never indicated what size to change it to. The 800/600 values are the existing dimensions of the image. It is Paint.net's starting point. It says, OK, here is what we have: 800 x 600. How do you want to resize it (because resizing can be reducing or enlarging it) and it doesn't know your intentions until you tell it. Also, be aware that this action applies to all layers on the canvas. You are not resizing a layer, you are resizing everything (everything that will inherently make up the complete image). If you desire to resize a layer independently/separately, then you must do so manually.
  2. It gets clipped because it was deselected. If you don't wish to lose a part of your photograph, I would either resize the canvas to a larger size to keep it on the canvas until such time as you have either resized it to the size that's appropriate or it has been cropped or manipulated to your liking/needs. Once everything is situated to your liking, you can then reduce the canvas back down to your liking by selecting a rectangular space outlining the desired portion of the finished image and then crop to the selection. To elaborate, when you deselect an image that is only partially on the canvas (your work space), Paint.net thinks you are done with that and drops the portion that is not on the canvas. Obviously, if you are only temporarily placing it and move to something else to adjust, then you can only have 1 item selected: the one you are currently dealing with. This is why resizing the canvas can be helpful to you. It keeps everything on the canvas without losing any portion of it.
  3. Another little trick you can try (without plugins) is to create a transparent layer on top of your image and use the line drawing tool to draw a line across the image. Once again, Paint.net will give you the length at the bottom. When you've got your measurement, simply undo or delete your layer.
  4. Feeling confident about your laptop does necessarily mean that is reality. It would really be helpful to yourself to investigate all possibilities. Everything is subject to failure whether it be a car, a blender, or even a laptop - and we never know when something is going to give out or begin to fail on us. The symptoms described would lead me to believe there may be a video issue. This doesn't necessarily mean that your video is bad, but it may be that it is having resource issues, which could point to something else entirely depending upon the machine's configuration. Other than the symptoms, we don't know if you have built in video or are using an add-on video card. Further, we don't know what dimensions you are presently dealing with. Neither do we know what may be running in the background of your computer or what version OS you have. There are many things that I am trying to point out which may lend itself to determining if in fact something is taking away resources that the program needs to operate efficiently. Even if we disregard this as a possibility, did you clean your computer between installs? Meaning, did you first uninstall the program, clean/remove all the files and folder, clean your cache, restart your machine and then reinstall? If you have effects downloaded, I would copy this folder to the desktop before removing all the programs files so that you won't need to download them again. When I uninstall programs, I use CCleaner to clean my computer. I use the usual method of uninstalling (uninstall through the control panel), then I run CCleaner using secure file deletion (overwrite 3x) to remove everything (files and folder and other temp files in the computer). After cleaning the computer's files/folders, I then clean the registry with CCleaner. After all this, I restart the computer and then reinstall the program that I'm having issues with. All of this is done to ensure that the new installation is exactly that, a new installation and that no older files that may have become corrupt exist any longer. If you have never used CCleaner (or similar programs) before and are unsure about what you may be doing, I would suggest you find a friend who may be a bit more savvy to assist you.
  5. The answer to that question would depend upon what size requirements the web site has and what size your picture is to begin with. You don't need to use a percentage amount of reduction, you can specify the size to resize a photo. Of course this too would be dependent upon the existing dimensions of the photo. To specify a new size based solely on the dimensions, go to the menu selection, "Image" and then select "Resize". The default selection is to resize by dimensions, so simply put in the desired dimensions to that of the web site. Of course, you may need to crop your image first if it is more of a square photo and you desire a more rectangular image. Also it may also be necessary to remove the check mark from the line that reads, "Maintain Aspect Ratio". Play with it a bit before saving so you can get a feel how it works - you can always undo what you've done and retry other settings until you're satisfied with your results. On a side note, depending upon how the photo is used, some web sites have options to simply display an image at a size different from what it actually is. I would recommend you learn as much about the various options of the web site before you actually modify the photo to determine if it is actually necessary to physically resize it.
  6. Awhile ago the owner of our company asked me to take his picture. Though he didn't say what it's purpose was, I obliged him. This was that picture: http://i114.photobucket.com/albums/n264/CantaLibra/DSCN0360_zpsseklbeci.jpg Since I was now in possession of this, I figured I'd have a little fun with it and try a photo manip with it as a gag. So, I used the below pics: Our company logo http://i114.photobucket.com/albums/n264/CantaLibra/newport-computer-services_zpsytuyvno2.jpg and this image http://i114.photobucket.com/albums/n264/CantaLibra/Superhero_zpsycf7p35t.jpg To get this http://i114.photobucket.com/albums/n264/CantaLibra/NCS%20Superhero_zps5t2wthjv.png So I took final picture to Walmart, had a photo made, bought a picture frame and put the picture in it and dropped it off on his desk while he was out of his office. I was on vacation at the time and was headed to an appointment, so I couldn't hang around. Anyways, he loved the picture and still has the picture in his office on a side table. When I came back to work, he asked me for a copy of the photo and he's now using that as his LinkedIn profile picture http://i114.photobucket.com/albums/n264/CantaLibra/Gag_zpsmnmyg40o.png Seeing how he enjoyed it, I figured I'd push the envelope. We're buying a new truck, and with this though in mind, I created this (not the actual truck we're buying) http://i114.photobucket.com/albums/n264/CantaLibra/Truck_zpsbzedlazy.png I sent this picture to his second in command who in-turn put it on his computer as his new desktop wallpaper. Though I didn't personally see it on his computer, I'm told he had a great laugh over it. ...and no, they're not actually going to use it on their new truck.
  7. I like it. When you focus your attention on the buildings in the rear, you'd swear they were having an earthquake!
  8. Thank you all. The trick to making it appear as smooth as you can is to not erase too much at once. In accomplishing this, I settled on a particular size eraser and used it (mostly) all the way through. This however can't be done at intersecting points as you would erase parts of the signature not intended to be erased until a bit later. So using the original size eraser at the intersecting point, I would place the eraser over it to see where it falls on the portion of the line I wanted to erase, switch to a smaller eraser and erase it accordingly. Also, I obviously didn't know from the onset how many images I would end up with when completed, so at various times throughout when it appeared that I was going to need more images than what I thought, I would change the method of saving a bit to something like this: 98c.png, 98b.png, 98a.png, 97c.png, 97b.png, 97a.png This ensured that all the images remained sequential in reverse order and permitted me to get more images saved than my original guesstimate. My only self-critique is that even though it appears relatively smooth, it's somewhat too slow for my taste. I think when we sign something, it is much quicker so I'm planning on importing the file again into my video editor and try utilize a built-in feature which speeds up the video at different speeds until I find the one I'm satisfied with and I'll use that. Also, since most video programs permit the importation of graphics (for anybody who may wish to try this), it is apparent that the video ends and would thus disappear from the screen, so if someone wanted to keep the completed signature on the screen throughout the whole video all they need to do is utilize the original file from which all the erasures were made and keep that on the screen matching the duration of the remaining time of the video and applying the chroma key effect to it. Added: I've provided the information above for anybody who wishes to implement similar features into their videos. We all know that not all software are created equally so to overcome some deficiencies that some software may have we need to come up with some creative ways to get them done. I'm not implying that everyone may necessarily agree with using a signature as a watermark, but the technique itself can be used in other ways like creating an animated banner as you might see in a news broadcast. By erasing and moving text, you can make it appear like text is scrolling across the bottom of the screen similar to how you see see in my signature file where my user name goes off screen as it passes between the two figures and comes back onto the screen.
  9. It's not much to look at I suppose, but it's a video I made so that I could sort of watermark videos. I took an image I made eons ago and erased bits of it and with each erasing, saved the image sequentially in reverse order (200.png, 199.png, 198.png, etc.) then imported them into my video editing program to create this so that it could be superimposed with it's chroma key functions.
  10. I'm not sure if I'm on target with this, but what you're describing sounds almost like it was being installed and run in a Sandbox. Some antivirus programs do this by running the software in a virtual environment so that "potentially" hazardous software doesn't bring any harm to your computer. Another issue could be available resources on your computer. Maybe the installer goes, runs out resources to complete and simply ends up quitting. If you have inadequate amount of memory and many things running in the background, these could be hampering your efforts. For example, if you have Window 10, there may be several "tiles" running live. That means that they are operating in the background, going out onto the internet and retrieving and displaying info so you have updated/current info displayed in that tile. A live tile for your photos are constantly looking at your photo directory to see what's there and is likewise updating it when new photos are added. How much resources each use? I really don't know, but every little bit adds up to a bunch of things that your computer is doing while you're not really using them and you want to do other things on it. Another guess would be that maybe you have some virus or malware that could be preventing the installation. I cannot say with any certainty that any of these are the case as your post does not provide any information about your OS or any antivirus software you may be running. Please provide some more info about your computer so folks can make a more educated guess at what may be transpiring.
  11. It's hard for anyone to make an educated guess with symptoms alone. Maybe if you provide some info about your computer's specs. (Make, model, CPU, memory, etc.)
  12. Another method is to use an image of a triangle on a separate layer, use the magic wand to make the selection, then with it selected, switch to the other layer you want to use it on.
  13. Lots have been happening around my household. My parents moved back to New England in with us from Virginia. We had half of our basement finished off so they had their own liveable space. My son has had some vision issues, both of which required an operation except we only went through with an operation on one (one eye has glaucoma - this is the one we had them operate on - and the other has a detached retina). I've passed through in the past only sporadically, but am trying to visit a bit more. Thanks for your expressed thoughts previously.
  14. No, I didn't make that. This one however, I did make some time ago:
  15. A single image demonstrating a movement effect like the one below or more like an animated one? http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-KkKhCV-wVNg/UZNxP-vk22I/AAAAAAAAGDw/AEJ0pk5TWik/s1600/Enterprise+Warp.jpg If it's something like the image shown, then you would want to use the motion blur effect. Essentially it would go like this: Background layer of your "black hole" 2 layers of your community name with transparent background on each. Apply the motion blur on the middle image of the community name using the direction toward the black hole. If you wish, you can adjust the transparency of the middle layer as well to let the background bleed through a little more.
  16. @Tycoonist - Your posting of the Windows Task Manager isn't going to help us or you. I was simply pointing out that you can find information there about the RAM. There are just too many factors that can come into play when you're getting this "error" (although it's not really an error in the truest sense, it's simply reporting that it can't complete the action). If you have a large image and then you're adding layers and applying effects, etc. all of these things can consume memory when trying to render your work. One thing to note is that if you compare the image I shared of the task manager to yours, my system shows that there are 64 processes running and yours shows 116. You may wish to find someone locally (a friend or someone else whom you trust) to investigate what processes are running on your system and see which ones you can turn off to make more memory available to you when working on images. Processes running, in simplest terms, are programs that are running on your computer. Many are needed by windows and may cause problems if you stop them. Others are ones that you may have elected to run - as an example, you may have a chat program like AIM running that you don't need running while you're trying to work on your image. You may have iTunes running which is also unnecessary. There are just too many endless possibilities of what may be consuming memory unnecessarily. Stopping them will make memory available to you while your working in Paint.NET. Another consideration would be to check to see if you can upgrade the amount of memory to your system. Your task manager image indicates you have 8GB of memory but your system may handle double that (I don't really know if this is the case, you'll have to research it for yourself - or like I suggested, have a friend or someone else help you). In my case (in relation to the image I shared), 8GB is the maximum amount of memory mine takes. At any rate, there is very little anybody here can do to assist you beyond giving advice. It's all going to boil down to getting someone nearby to help you out if you can't sort these issues out on your own. EDIT: The primary reason why I recommend getting someone locally to assist you is because it would be the quickest way to help you through this. Though trying to resolve it here is possible, it would be slow because you may not understand what someone is explaining (not to be offensive, but similar to your not having understood the memory error - the difference between Hard Drive Space vs memory stick(s) in your computer). Posting images back and forth and explaining the various nuances of those images and the computer, etc. are all thing that will take time to get you through it.
  17. Windows task manager can give you a picture of your available memory and show you what is being used
  18. It's funny you should say that... I had the same impression of another. Looks like all sorts of discoveries can be made here. Wear it with pride? Maybe it could've simply passed away (my being upset about it), but the fact that another found it humorous to push my buttons while I was still upset about it was not funny. I PM'd him about my initial reaction to the award so as not to spoil that thread, and he responded in kind with a public jab. ... None of us have to find any particle thing as humorous as another does, and that should be respected.
  19. LMAO. That's another funny one. I can't wait to see the whole stand-up routine.
  20. Hmmm. Maybe the humor got lost in the details. Let me simplify it: The dude is upset. The other dude found it funny to upset him more. Surely now that I've simplified it you can see how humorous it is. EDIT: ...and no, I'm not serious, I'm simply telling a funny story.
  21. So I wanted to relay this story that I found to be quite funny... it was truly one of those sad moments that you still get a laugh out of like you might see on one of those "Fail" YouTube videos (unfortunately it's not on video) whereas someone is running to go dive into a pool, they slip and do a faceplant in the water. The man is suffering, but the whole situation, though you can feel the guy's pain, it is still hilarious. Sometimes these situations are really serious, but somehow (as the videos show), many of us are still able to find that hilarious moment in the whole event. Well here's the story: There's this guy in Wyoming who had just lost his wife in a tragic accident and leaving him alone with their very young daughter. So a couple days after the woman's death the husband is at church for the funeral service without his daughter as he didn't want to expose her to the very sad affair of the funeral itself. So anyways, about 3/4 of the way through the service this other guy comes running up to the podium and announces to the man that his daughter was just killed at home by a hit and run car. Obviously, the man is shocked at hearing this and uncontrollably drops to the floor in total anguish. The man who made the announcement then tells the father that he was only kidding! OMG, nearly the whole congregation broke out in laughter (except the husband/father). LMAO, that story is so funny!!! It literally puts me in stitches and brings tears to my eyes and an aching stomach. So tell me, how many of you folks enjoyed that? I'll venture to guess that nearly all of you did, huh? I can understand the that guy didn't find it funny as he's just not thick skinned enough to fully enjoy the humor in it, but surely most everybody else here should...
  22. <nope> edit by pyrochild: That was very rude. This is your only warning.
  23. Did you update your drivers after reinstalling your OS?
  24. Instead of resizing the image to fit the canvas, I think it might be easier to do the opposite: Fit the canvas to the image. Here's my suggestion on how to do it (though others might have a simpler way of handling this): Using the magic wand, select the white area surrounding the fan (you may have to adjust the tolerance to get it correctly). Once you have it so that only the white background is selected, press delete on your keyboard. Once the white has been removed (it should now be transparent - represented by the checkerboard), go in the menu under "Layers" and select "Rotate/Zoom" and adjust the image by rotating it to try to make it more square. Once you have this done, once again use the magic wand and select the transparent area. Press "Ctrl" + "I" to invert the selection. Then go in the menus under "Image" and select "Crop to Selection". This will completely remove the transparency portion of the image surrounding the fan leaving only the image of the fan. From here you can enlarge the image if you desire by going into the menu once again under "Image" and selecting "Resize" and you can then use the dimensions or percentage you desire to enlarge the final image. EDIT: I missed a step and corrected it.
  25. Andres, could you post a screenshot of your problem? I'm not entirely certain, but I'm getting the impression that you want to resize your image to fit the canvas and I want to see if this is the situation.
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