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  1. I suppose it depends upon what you want to do. The cost factor alone for Paint.NET (free) is more than other programs offer. But if you don't have aspirations to produce fine pieces, then maybe MS Paint is more to your liking. Spend some time browsing various galleries where members display their works and browse the tutorials as well. Decide for yourself based upon if any of it inspires you whether Paint.NET is for you.
  2. Below are the links where you can get the plugins Lens Flare: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=25128 Highlight: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=21835 The only recommendation I have about the plugins is to play with the settings to get a "natural" appearance. One of the things I encountered when I used the highlight plugin was that parts of the "highlight" effect were black and I desired all white. What I did to offset this was done in 2 parts: First, the highlight was placed over something that was already white Second, after adjusting the settings to my liking (size, position, etc.), I then adjusted the transparency of the layer down to show more of what was beneath. Obviously, you don't even need to use the plugins if you don't desire, the image I presented was just my taste or perception in trying to provide a slightly unique view and still keep it somewhat natural. Also, I didn't simply create a circle. Once I created the dark purple background, I duplicated the layer and then I used the Shape3D plugin which itself made a "globe" and I reduced the lighting on it (making it more black and reducing the lighting that the plugin applies to it). Though as you note, I guess it's appearance doesn't present much more than a filled circle. The Shape3D is found under Effects/Render (I didn't find a download link, so I believe this comes as part of Paint.NET).
  3. OMG, I had to go look that up. I wasn't aware of the game: Salt and Ice - A game practiced by middle school and high school students. Salt is poured on an area of the arm/or hand and then an ice cube is placed on top. This will create a burning sensation. After the ice cube melts or you've had enough pain there will be a white scar which will eventually turn red and be extremely painful. The game is played until someone has had enough pain.
  4. LMAO (Actually, I glued toothpicks to the backside to hold them in place)
  5. Don't feel bad folks. I know I've seen most of them myself, but I don't recall having seen the alarm clock previously. I guess in my case maybe "Old Timerz" disease might be setting in (at least that's what I'm gonna claim at this point).
  6. Same here. My daughter also called a bit after 11:00am and informed me the power was restored at home.
  7. I don't know what damage has occurred in the area. Right now we're without commercial power, though I have a 5000 watt Coleman generator running right now. Power company reports most of my town is without power, and some of the adjacent town where I work. We closed work yesterday at 2:00pm and I'm not sure if we have work today or not as I'm not sure we have power there or not. Otherwise, things here at home is fine. EDIT: At work now, sitting in the parking lot. Seems we have power here so luckily we should have work.
  8. Thank you everybody for the comments.
  9. The photo was already vertical. On the one I created, the corona is from a variety of tools and plugins all blurred with gaussian blur after they've been applied. I used gradient, a few white filled ellipses, a plugin called highlight and another called lens flare, plus the line tool. Most of the effects are done on thier own layer beneath the circle except for a couple where it "bleeds over" on the edges of the circle. These were again small white filled ellipse.
  10. Is this what you're having an issue with?: If you're using a stock photo you found on the internet, I would recommend using something that's more appropriate to the layout you're using (vertical vs horizontal) such as this: From this point, create your text on transparent layers on top of this background layer, then there won't be a mismatch. EDIT: Here is an example (partial) of how it will appear (the background on this I created):
  11. You always have great works. Truly you have a great gift.
  12. Well, with this latest one, I thought I'd make something related to the upcoming holiday using a picture of one of my dogs and some photos I found on the internet: Halloween These are the source pictures: This is one of my dogs taken this past summer This is the actual subject photo This is what I used for the inside of the pumpkin Here is the finished piece EDIT: NO ACTUAL PUMPKINS WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS PICTURE EDIT: EER, sorry. I didn't even realize you made a similar statement today until after I posted this.
  13. Besides doing a chkdsk on it, try to determine the HDD brand (either by opening the unit or looking up the specs for your particular make and model laptop). Sometimes the Manufacturer of the laptop will list the HDD brand and model in their online specs (or some site that has done a review of the unit). Once you determine this, go to the site of the HDD Manufacturer (or see the link below) and download and run the applicable HDD Diagnostic software. I think these tests will be more in-depth than the chkdsk and may lead you to the issue if it is indeed the HDD. The link below should help you locate the proper diagnostic software: http://pcsupport.about.com/od/toolsofthetrade/tp/tophddiag.htm
  14. You may also get some pointers here in "cleaning things up" so you can attempt another install: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/24780-troubles-with-installing-and-uninstalling/page__fromsearch__1
  15. How is this one correct? I don't understand your statement. The other page is the same problem he's having here. The point I was driving at is he has already asked for assistance in the other thread with 2 of us having posed questions to assist him and he hasn't provided any answers yet. If you're having the same problem, then it would be helpful if you too provided some more info that others may need in order to resolve the issue.
  16. Go here: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/25499-i-get-an-error-when-starting-paintnet/
  17. I agree, very nice house! Are we gonna get a tour of the rest of it? j/k Nice job on the pic too!
  18. From the link below... http://www.ehow.com/how_6899050_fix-mscorwks_dll.html "Mscorwks.dll is a DLL file used by the Microsoft .NET Framework. It controls the execution of Common Language Runtime in your system. If the DLL is missing or corrupt, you get an error message and the application that needs it does not run." Visit the page. There are instructions there for downloading and replacing the file to fix errors from a corrupted version of this file.
  19. First, you should be posting this at Troubleshooting & Bug Reports Second, from what source did you download Paint.NET? Do you know which link you used? Third, did it produce an error log? If so, could you post it's contents so that those who are most likely capable of assisting you will have some more specific info to assist them?
  20. Take a look at these: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/12188-color-and-black-and-white-the-pleasantville-effect/ http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/25203-how-to-make-snow-white-skin-without-losing-detail/#entry377155
  21. Try using "Dropbox". Simply put the pdf file in dropbox and then provide the link for it. https://www.dropbox.com/help/16/en
  22. PDNNoob, I like your idea (as represented in the image above). I think that is a pretty cool thought and design. So essentially those controls would be automatically applicable to the highlighted layer. Nice idea indeed!
  23. The below picture shows the buttons on the bottom of the Layers pane. You will notice the Up/Down arrows. The layer which is highlighted in the pane is the one which will be acted upon when you use the buttons. To highlight the layer, simply click on it in the Layers pane. When you create a new layer, it puts it on top of the current position in the Layers pane (the layer that is highlighted/selected). So if you're already working with 3 layers as an example and the currently active (highlighted/selected) layer is the third one, it is created on top of that layer. If this is the case, use the "Move Layer Down" button to move it to the bottom by clicking on it 3 times. Also, I mentioned previously that when you were typing the text that maybe you had something selected elsewhere while you were typing and that you needed to de-select it. This holds true with the layers as well. It is possible that a lower layer is selected in the Layers pane and so while you think you're working with the top layer, you are actually working on a lower layers that is covered by some image on top of that and so it appears nothing is typing. Ensure that you've selected the proper layer to type on and that it is on the top. In the example picture you will notice that the "Background" layer is selected. Also notice that "Layer 2" is represented by the checkerboard thumbnail which indicates that "Layer 2" is transparent and because of it's position, it sits on top of the "Background" layer. So when "Layer 2" (being fully transparent) is selected and you begin to type on it, it will place the text on top of the image of the "Background" (using this example of course).
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