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  1. I'm certainly not responding specifically for Rick, but this seems like a very trivial issue to me. When you download and install an .exe file, or at least as it's been my experience, the browser responds with a warning and asks if you are sure you wish to download the file as it may be unsafe. This means, that you still have to take an extra step to confirm to the browser that you wish to download it. Again, as has been my experience, that this does not occur w/a .zip file. So it doesn't appear to me that you're saving w/fewer clicks. Plus, if a file is further reduced in size, then download time is obviously also reduced. Now seconds may not matter to you, but the product is not limited to folks in the U.S., but is available for folks worldwide (hence the available translations for it) and a reduced file size may be more beneficial for those users. So I'll just say that I'm equally amused that you found it necessary to point this out (especially since you technically only need to download it once - unless of course your connection is bad - then again the smaller size will also benefit you in these instances because your download wait time is also reduced - and that will add up on multiple downloads).
  2. I think I saw that radio at BJs Wholesale Club! Pretty cool, I like it!
  3. It sounds like you would be better off getting EER's ebook which is available on Amazon. There is a link in the thread at the top of this section. The book is full of info on how to use Paint.NET.
  4. This thread is 5 years old and according to the forums rules, it is considered closed. Please start a new one to address your questions on this subject.
  5. OK, about a month ago, NN had mentioned to me (via message I believe) that she'd like to see a tutorial on the picture I made with the football player coming through the laptop screen. I also posted a copy of that same picture in the "Popping Out of a Picture" thread hoping to inspire others to take the concept to the next level. After posting it (and another one I did), another member also asked for a tutorial. So, over the last couple days I've been doing another one (which actually forks off to end with 2 possible results): My dilemma is that because of the step-by-step way that I tend to illustrate the tutorials (hoping to catch and provide all details so all levels of users can accomplish the same tutorial), I've come up with a total of 75 pictures. I think that such a lengthy tutorial may not necessarily be worthwhile. Any opinions on this?
  6. You can create a guide similar to the below to maintain spacing and alignment 1.) Create a new layer over your text layer and using the line tool, draw an "L" shape much like you see below: 2.) Duplicate this layer and then click on the "Move Selected Pixels" tool. 3.) Using the down arrow key on your keyboard, move this layer down below the previous shape so it's aligned similar to what you see below: 4.) Once you have this where you desire it (the final position where you stop at will determine the gap between the lines), then merge the two layers together. This will lock your guide so you'll maintain continuity with each line you add. 5.) Next, on the "Layers" pane, click on "Text" so that it is highlighted and is now your "active" layer. 6.) Then click on the "Add New Layer" button. 7.) Type your new line of text anywhere you desire on your new layer 8.) Once you've typed your new line of text, use the "Rectangle Select" tool and select an area around your text 9.) Once you have selected the text, switch back to the "Move Selected Pixels" tool once again (you will notice the outline has "nubs" around it's perimeter) 10.) Now you can click inside the area, and while holding in the left mouse button, move it into place as shown. 11.) When you've completed your move, deselect it so you won't inadvertently move it any further. 12.) Next, click in the "Layers" pane once again on "Guide" so it becomes your active layer. 13.) Go back to the "Tools" pane and once again click on the "Move Selected Pixels" and use the down arrow key to move to top line of your guide so it is under your second line of text. Repeat the process from Step 6 forward. This will keep your lines of text aligned.
  7. Having them on separate layers will allow you to modify them. Using the selection tool you can select around it, then cut and re-paste it so you can resize it and even apply effects.
  8. Rick, don't let the high and mighty get to you. There are a lot more of us who truly appreciate your efforts than not. EDIT: Dude, I'm not kidding!
  9. PDN uses the system fonts. So installation of the new fonts would go into Windows/Fonts directory.
  10. You can't. All you can do is delete the text layer and create a new one.
  11. jim100361

    Zen Stones

    Great tutorial - very realistic looking! ...and of course kudos to Welsh!
  12. I'm not entirely sure you can as PDN is not a word processor, but an image editor. This isn't so much a statement about the obvious, but rather more about function. A word processor has page breaks. As I say, "I'm not entirely sure..." Having 2 images open at the same time on separate canvases (especially since you're dealing with 2 different file names) would be like having 2 different documents open simultaneously. The only possibility I can think of is to have both images on the same canvas. Try doing this as described in this link: http://forums.getpai...d-after-images/ However, once this is done, I don't know that if you print it, whether or not the Windows print manager will recognize the double canvas size as a separate page or whether it will try to shrink them down so they both fit the same page. I can only offer it as a suggestion to try, not a guarantee. EDIT: Worst case scenario, try importing/pasting your image into a word processor. You may need to adjust margins and resize to get the proper output to your printer. EDIT 2: If you end up using the last method (printing from a word processor), keep in mind that depending on the layout of the image, you may also need to adjust the page setup under the word processor to be 11x8.5 (landscape) vs 8.5x11 (portrait) in order to get it fit properly and print full page.
  13. Speaking of Firefox, here's a heads up to you folks.... I inquired elsewhere about installing Windows 8. Well, I installed it and I found a problem with IE10. For a bit I thought Windows did something to my computer because I came in here and was going to reply to a thread and the Enter key wouldn't respond. I tried it in notepad and wordpad and it seemed to work fine. So it wasn't Windows 8 (directly). I installed Firefox and Voila! Problem fixed.
  14. OK I've been reluctant to use this as I was concerned about inadvertent changes. I've seen others recommend this plugin several times, especially to delete a color. So for those of you who have used this, correct me if I'm wrong... in the first example picture on the first page of this thread where the grey background existed and was replaced w/transparency, wouldn't it replace that same grey color if it exists even in small bits on the same picture elsewhere? Essentially like using the magic wand in flood mode?
  15. Read this thread here, it's essentially the same procedure: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/25543-i-just-cant-figure-out-how-to-do-this-some-help/
  16. Here's something else to consider adding to your bag of tricks: ...and you're welcome, glad I could be of assistance.
  17. Uploading doesn't work. You need to link to it using the img tags. Read this page: http://forums.getpai...es-and-avatars/ Edit: Sorry - I didn't read it thoroughly.
  18. This is just a test image I did using the technique described. I didn't fully warp the whole texture. Primarily it was done around the eyes, nose, and mouth as I was just trying to get a feel for the technique:
  19. Compare yours to Ella's and you'll see the shadows are more constrained to the surface of the stones (roughly designated by the red ovals) below each of them, don't overlap into the background (designated by the blue arrows) and are darker. You've got the right idea. A little polish and you've got it made!
  20. The alternative method is to add an additional transparent layer beneath each stone's layer, draw a filled ellipse, and then apply the guassian blur. You may need to play with the size of the ellipse and blur to get the right feel.
  21. One each layer use the drop shadow plugin http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=8375
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