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  1. Bug Fix has been applied to the filter Trigometric Mapping. Now, when you lower End Value to Base to 0 in all channel, you will get the original image which is how it suppose to work. In addition, the effect is a lot more controllable and looks better.
  2. I have released graphical tiling glitch filter. It's a new interactive filter which purpose is to stimulate a Windows bug where windows are tiled.
  3. Hmm, everything posted here can be made a plugin/filter. Either PDN external or G'MIC. I would up for collab on this, but that's not needed though I have more ideas than posted here.
  4. All you needed to do was to work with clone brush right after and some bit of painting. The thing is that there's no good solution to this sort of task. On shadow, would play with lighting to solve that. The OP only is pointing to a step to the right direction.
  5. Possibly the most pointless filter I ever did. The purpose is to duplicate along your mouse movement. Theoretically, I think it can be useful for artistic application provided that you are using a transparent image.
  6. Update on this tutorial: Because of the G'MIC-QT update provided by null54, you can use this filter on a existing image, then paste into a new image provided the original image is smaller than 4096^2.
  7. New Filter - Bit Plane Shuffler. For PDN users, just use 8-bit by default as that PDN is limited to.
  8. Thank you.... 

    It has been working!

    I have a new question when I do curved letters I am getting a bleeding on the outline... little dots and zig zags...

    should i change the tolerance I had it at 0

    when I go to save the new image to my computer it asks for quality what value do I put ... I wanted to post the image but it says it is too large...

    Thank You I apologize I am not as savvy as I would like to be on this....

     I hope this helps you understand...

  9. What about softwares that allows 16-bit images? RGBA16I is a thing. As for the OP, I think this might be your problem. 8-bit depth limitation in PDN.
  10. What do you mean by zigzag? The 90 angle edges? If it is: Either increase image resolution or switch to a vector graphics software. It's a inherent limitation of raster graphics.
  11. Added some more changes to Edge Fade. It now respect the boundary of distance. Meaning your image will not disappear.
  12. @Djisves @Eli @nitenurse79 @Seerose @lynxster4 Sorry for the slow filter! I have pushed a faster version utilizing squared-euclidean distance calculation. Now it finish in 3 seconds on my machine. If it slow and takes 3+ minutes, then it haven't been updated. It even looks much nicer too! Commit here -