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  1. Thanks. I'd forgotten that I deleted "cutouteffect.dll when I installed Illnab's plugin pack. That explains the drop-down-menu-cutout-icon-without-corresponding-cutouteffect dll-mystery. FYI: The cutout effect just produces an error message regardless of which dll is installed separately. Oh well—so sad.
  2. Several times I tried to use the cutout effect and each time got only a Plugin Error message telling me to restart Paint.Net. I went to the effects folder in PDN to remove the cutouteffect dll, before installing a newly downloaded version of the dll, but there was no cutouteffect dll to remove (or anything similar); and yet '"cutout" still appears in the effects drop-down menu. So, I put the newly downloaded dll in the effects folder and restarted PDN. "Cutout" then appeared twice in the drop-down menu, but clicking on either one just returned the original plugin error message. I removed the dll from the effects folder and restarted but only one of listing's of "cutout" had disappeared from the drop-down menu. 1. How can "cutout" still appear in the drop-down menu when there is no cutouteffect dll in the Effects Folder ? and 2. What else, besides delete the dll from the Effects folder, can I do to to remove "cutout" from the drop-down menu ?
  3. I love it ! This is great for jewels and chrome and shiny sparkly icons. In only a month it's already become one of my favs.
  4. This plugin usually works fine, but if I try to open an ico file which is defective (unknowingly), I get the message "Icon/Cursor Data is invalid and can not be loaded." When I click OK to clear the message, PdN crashes ('unhandled error'), leaving a crashlog on the desktop. I don't expect PdN to open invalid files. I'm only posting this because because of the crashlog. I tried to attach the crashlog but got got an error message saying I'm not permitted to upload this kind of file.
  5. SkullSplitter Thanx for the tut, but your links here in post #15 and also in #1 lead to 404 Error. Cry.
  6. I am having the same problem as described by APShredder in his post in 2009. The first time I used it, I didn't change the default location, 'My Documents', and it worked fine; but I had to move it to the palettes folder in Paint.Net Users file. When I tried to use it again for another image it just wouldn't work at all. The UI would flash for a fraction of a second, then nothing -no save- no chance to save. So, I re-downloaded it. This time the UI came up just like the first time, but I wanted to save in palettes folder within Paint.Net User's File. So I changed the path just as described by ApShredder - clicked ok - and Paint.Net promptly crashed, leaving a pdncrashlog on my desktop. I emailed this as it says to and will also attach it to this post. Also, about 20 seconds after PDN crashed, my touchpad cursor froze forcing me to do a forced shutdown of my computer. I should probably be saying this somewhere else (report bugs maybe ?), but this 'cursor freeze' problem occurs frequently when working with the color window. Edit: After I wrote this post, I restarted PDN and tried the plugin with another image. This time When the UI came up, the offered save location was changed to 'My Documents\Paint.Net User Files\Palettes', and the palette saved ok. So, when I changed the path it crashed the program but it also succeeded in changing the path. However, when I tried it on another image - (like the first time) - it wouldn't work on a second image. The 'initializing' message would flash and then no UI would appear. What I discovered is that it won't work twice during one session. If I exit then restart PDN the plugin works again, but only once. It seems this is a one-time-per-session plugin.
  7. Will someone - Mike Ryan or Admin or whoever is responsible for these things - please make the necessary spelling correction to the Effects > Color submenu. It's Color Trimming not Color Timming. Thank you.
  8. Thank you. Is the post for a particular plugin in this forum the right place to ask questions about that particular plugin ?
  9. I looked and looked for a place to ask this question but didn't find a similar question, so I'll ask it here. Does anyone know where I can get copies of the plugin icons used for the individual Adjustments/Effects in the Adjustments and Effects menus ? I would like to use the icons on my own collected plugin help files as a mnemonic device to keep my help files organized. (e.g. Is this Outline Selection or Object ? BoltBait, pyrochild, or Aziz ?) I tried using IcoFX to extract the icons from the .dll and .exe files in Paint.Net installed on my computer, but I only found 3 icons: the main Paint.Net icon and 2 other icons that seemed unrelated to the plugins menus. Thank you. P.S. Thanks to Ergo Eram Reputo for the Plugin Index; it brings organization to plugin chaos.
  10. I downloaded this plugin today and there is a problem with the UI. In the Basic Mode, the upper half of the slider knob for the Highlights adjustment is missing and there is no "Highlights" label to indicate that's what the middle slider is for. In the Adavanced Mode, the upper half of the slider knob for the Tonal Range adjustment is missing and there is no "Tonal Range" label to indicate that's what that slider is for. (I am including a screen capture file showing this) It's not clear whether the plugin is malfunctioning as well. It doesn't seem to remove shadows and highlights as portrayed in your screen shots, but that could be the result my own failings I've downloaded the plugin pack several times, thinking maybe I made a mistake in the process that could have corrupted the plugins, but the result was the same each time; and the color mixer plugin works fine. Any suggestions ? .
  11. Thnx for the quick reply. Would Simon Brown's CustomBrushesMini.pdb (came with CustomBrushesMini.dll ) be an example of an "ancillary non-DLL file" which can be left in the effects folder ? What is a ".pdb" file ?
  12. 1. Can I create subdirectories, (e.g. one subdirectory for each plugin author), within the effects directory; and then place the plugin dll files within their coresponding subdirectory ? OR 2. Should/MUST the effects directory contain nothing but the individual dll files ? No subdirectories? No Readme (or other txt files) ? No nothing else but dll's ? 3. Can I create a subdirectory within the Paint.Net directory (e.g. "instructions") where I can save/store any saved instructions, comments on plugin use, explainations, etc. (similar to the way I might put explanitory comments within the body of source code) ? OR Should any such (selfcreated) directory/folder be kept in my own personal files ? (i.e. would the placement of any such file within the Paint.Net directory interfere with the functioning of Paint.Net ?
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