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  1. Speechless with this one. I looked at it and all I could say was, wow! I love the colors, as well as the mystery that the image kind of gives off, at least to me.
  2. Very nice image, really enjoyed the woven lines as well as the simplicity of it.
  3. Thank you all for your comments, it really means a lot! I'm currently experimenting with a different style, so we'll see how it goes.
  4. When scrolling, some of your images are very trippy, which is awesome by the way. I especially like the pink/purple flower (2nd from the bottom), nice colors! Gives a cool, almost calm sense to a flower's nature.
  5. I really like the works you have put up here. Really amazing works indeed. I look forward to seeing more!
  6. I really like Reworked nebulos, very neat metallic look, but my favorite will have to be your vitrail attempt. I really like the choice of colors and how they glow.
  7. Very nice stained glass piece. I really like the detail you put into it as well as all of the intricate designs in the glass.
  8. Iā€™d have to agree with @HELEN, inviting and warm. Love the thought put into the piece as well as the time. How long did it take to make it?
  9. Love the new images. The woven textures in the images make it that much more interesting to the eye.
  10. Very nice new images! I like the roughness of Blue Opal, and I think that Neptune has a nice mysterious thing going on about it. Love the smoothness of it too. Excellent work.
  11. Very nice stained glass image! I think it looks pretty realistic myself. Thanks for sharing!
  12. @LionsDragon and @lynxster4, thank you for your comments. I'm glad you liked the image! @barbieq25 and @Seerose, it's always a pleasure seeing your comments on here. I'm glad you enjoyed the new work. Thank you @Pixey, I'm glad you liked the image. I tend to use a lot of dents in my images, so I'm glad you still like them. @welshblue, I have been experimenting with a different style that I hope you will like. It will be coming soon to a gallery near you! =)
  13. That new image is stunning! I like the contrast from the left to right side as well as a wonderful use of Tile Reflection.
  14. Thanks @Seerose, @barbieq25, and @lynxster4, your comments are very much appreciated. I'm glad you liked my new work. New work on the first page.
  15. I am speechless at the images you have made. It's very hard to choose a favorite, but I definitely like Totem, Woven Wormhole, and Sands of Time. Absolutely beautiful images. I do agree with @welshblue and would like to see them in their full glory. =)
  16. Wow, very neat image here! The colors and textures are amazing. Well done.
  17. Very nice work indeed. I can't wait to see the finished product!
  18. Very nice works! I really like the colors and how they all flow in their own way. Excellent job!
  19. Very cool and interesting pieces of art here. I really enjoy your style and look forward to seeing more from you! I especially like the Enterprise ones you've made.
  20. Thanks @Woodsy I'm glad you enjoyed the colors of the images. It's good to be back to the forums. @Pixey Thank you for the comment, I never really thought of it as dreamy, but I'm glad it can give off that vibe. @welshblue I'm a bit surprised you like the original image. It's a very old one that I made about a year after I started messing around with Paint.NET. But then again, I am my worst critic. =) Thanks to everyone for their comments. I'll be sure to have something else up here for you soon.
  21. Thank you for the comments everyone, they are very much appreciated. I'm glad you guys like the warm feel that it gives, especially now that winter is coming along. New image on the first page called Echo.
  22. Very nice images! I loved the General Store image, looks pretty realistic and I'm very impressed with the other works you've done.
  23. Wow! The textures and details you put in your images are very impressive! I see I have a lot to learn from you and am very excited to see what else you have for us in the future.
  24. Really great results @dubnikova. I look forward to seeing more from you.
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