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  1. On the download paint.net page. The only option that works is the windows store. Then it wont let you download a version for win7. You only have the option for win 10 and you have to then buy paint.net from them. I've not seen any news to say paint.net will require to be bought from now on.
  2. I'm getting this error message when trying to install your gradient grid using your updated installer from yesterday. --------------------------- Package Error! --------------------------- The file Gradient Grid.dll was not built into this package. Please contact pyrochild for an update. In the end i downloaded the zip file version and added it manually to effects.
  3. How hard would it be to add a plug-in update button on this to update your plug-ins?
  4. Well i updated the plug-in and gave it another whirl.
  5. I was going to update the rotate zoom but i noticed you have removed the rotate ball thing which i quite like to use.
  6. Here's my attempt and it worked out pretty well.
  7. This is another brilliant. Tutorial. Thank you for sharing. I couldn't do step 23, because im too tired. lol
  8. Hi there. I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section. Is there a plug-in that will allow me to use photoshop styles on PDN?. A friend sent me a load of cool styles on a .asl file.
  9. I'm kinda stuck and unable to get past step 6. I just can't get my head around what your describing. This is what i have up to now.
  10. Here's my go at doing a redo of this. I made 3 cloud layers and colored them separately. Then merged them all together.
  11. I made this the other week. I love this Tutorial.
  12. Here's my first try. I had a slight issue with trying to get the shadow right.
  13. I thought I'd have ago. First one i did was the BMW at the start of the tut. I was surprised at how easy it was to do. but i messed up a bit when colouring in the roof. So i had to use a feather tool to fix the mistake. And here's a Stobart Rally Ford Focus.
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