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  1. Yes, I understand that Windows Explorer displays some of the data in the Properties tab, but would like to see the info. being displayed in a program dialog itself (hopefully with much better UI so viewing/editing is easer).
  2. I wasn't even thinking about the file size. More along the lines of info. such as DPI, number of colors, interlaced or not, number of layers, if an animated GIF then number of frames and so on, plus of course EXIF data if possible for file types that support it. Obviously these can change depending on what you choose to do with the file, but of course the dialog will show the properties of the file as they exist on disk, and that won't change unless the file itself does (after saving, i.e.)
  3. If the "snap when near" feature's still there and that's where they end up after snapping, it's great! Also love the new floating window toggles in 4.0. BTW, that title font for the floating windows needs to be reduced (or maybe the pre-alpha's just using an incorrect font), since "Tools" is completely visible in 3.5.10 without getting truncated. Also, I hope you kept that "bring window to top on mouse hover" feature, but extended it to all the floating windows. It certainly saves clicks and is nice to have. I know it might seem petty but I get pretty bugged even about small UI quirks, so thanks a lot for fixing it and looking forward to 4.0 being released.
  4. I hope you weren't being patronizing, and it is a bug. First of all, the "snap when near" feature (which is nice, let me make that clear) is obviously getting it slightly wrong, since the windows should snap together, not overlap. As for the currently selected bit, thanks, you just helped me expose what looks like another bug. Try the following - take the Colors window and make it partially overlap the Tools window. Remember, the Colors window has the focus. Now move your mouse over to the Tools window. What happens? Yeah, the Tools window automagically receives focus on mouseover and is now partially overlapping the Colors window. Why? The Colors window had focus, didn't it? Also, now move the mouse back to the Colors window. By rights if that previous autofocus bit was really a "feature", now the Colors window should be on top now, but it isn't. It stays below the Tools window. So the Tools window can effectively "jump on top of the pile" on a mere mouseover, but to get the Colors window back on top requires an explicit click. The exact same thing happens between the History and Layers windows too, with the former always taking precedence over the latter, and the former having the autofocus feature while the latter doesn't. It would be nice if both these issues were corrected for the next release. For the record I like the autofocus bit, but it should work equally for all the floating windows, not just a few. Also, since this is more of a bug report now, should I repost in the "Troubleshooting & Bug Reports" section or will someone move this there? (Seems we can't delete our own threads here.)
  5. Using Paint.NET 3.5.10 on Win7 x64. As you can see, the floating windows snap together all right when in proximity to each other, but do so incorrectly (they overlap). Please look into this minor issue if possible for the next release. Thanks!
  6. Apologies, won't happen again. I'm just used to various other fora that clearly state that new topics are to be created only if existing open topics about the same subject don't already exist, no matter how old. Anything else is considered littering the forum, but I see that the rules here differ and will be careful in future to follow the same. Thank you, a confirmation one way or another is all I was looking for (and who knows, maybe one day in a galaxy far, far away... ). I will use the existing lossless JPEG transform apps for this purpose and Paint.Net for everything else.
  7. Thank you both for the quick replies. Umm, nothing? But if I have JPGs already, why should I convert them to PNG first to crop them or perform other operations which I know can be done without any loss of quality whatsoever? I'm a bit confused by you stating that I'm "not editing or manipulating existing jpegs". If I'm getting you right (in combination with Rick's post above), what you're saying is that on opening a JPG it is automatically being converted in the background to another format, and thus after editing it needs to be re-saved? But if we have lossless JPEG support built-in, it would simply skip that BG conversion bit on opening JPGs and perform all transformations losslessly, right? Of course, if non-lossless operations are carried out then the JPG will need to be re-saved with attendant quality loss, but if only lossless operations are carried out then there need be no loss at all. I'm not a programmer, so what's the problem here? Is there some basic technical issue preventing such a feature from ever being implemented, or is it just a case of "it's possible, but not right away"? Please note that I'm not demanding someone should start working on this right now, but it would be nice to have it at least acknowledged and considered for a forthcoming version. As for alternatives, I mentioned some names above of apps I'm already using. I posted here because I would prefer to do all the work in Paint.Net itself instead of switching over to something else.
  8. Sorry for the necropost, but it's been almost 6 years now and quite likely a huge number of releases and I still can't see any lossless JPEG functions in Paint.Net. There's are a large (and growing) number of apps that can do various lossless JPEG transforms. There's even JpegJoin now to go along with JpegCrop and JpegTran. Isn't it way past time to add similar features to our favorite app as well, if not natively then at least as a plugin? Pretty please?
  9. Just tried Paint.Net for the first time, and I love it! So much better than that useless Paint, so thanks for a wonderful tool! I was just wondering whether I missed it, but I didn't see any way to view technical information about the currently open image. Is there such a dialog, and if not, can you add it to the next version please? Would really come in handy, especially if you can additionally add complete EXIF data viewing/editing support in the same properties dialog. If this latter bit is too much, even a basic dialog displaying the image properties would be very nice indeed. Thanks for considering my request.
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