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  1. It's not even that, it's just if you look at some old topics, Rick always seemed so much more cheerful. And if you look at pretty much any other forum out there, there's a new plenthora of topics everyday, and they have less members than us. I just think the mods are being over-restrictive.
  2. The mods are gonna' maul you when they see this... PDN is closed source now
  3. Yes, but you guys lock every single freakin' topic if it's something small. Why wasn't the offtopic locked?
  4. I'm not saying you guys should stop enforcing rules, I just wish you'd let up a bit on the sarcasm.
  5. I agree you guys should be less rough when enforcing rules. Take school teachers for example. The lenient teachers have some rule breaking going on in class, but it is not a problem. The strict teachers on the other hand, keep everything squeaky clean but creativity is inhibited in the process and they get a bad reputation. Something along the lines of that graphic seem ideal.
  6. I don't even have a tablet but I'm all for a new (in this case, restored) feature. Count my name on the list! 2. Jerry533482
  7. <I need to read Rules #7 & #8> a neat trick for making some (doesn't work with all) apps portable. Don't extract installer; just copy the program folder somewhere isolated, then use winrar to make an sfx archive using the method he explains.Please remember this only works on systems with the proper .net framework installed.
  8. They could probably take out a death star if it had no shields. They'd probably have to remain in orbit for a few days though (to recharge their phasers to finish the job).
  9. Here's my first try at it: I'm workin' on the gif but it shows the mesh between the sides of the map when it turns. As for my latest project I'm making...Earth. I'm using this as a base, and here's a WIP: There's more layers with other greens and even deserts and beaches, but for now I'm just working on studying maps and using transparency gradients to bring them out.
  10. What do you mean? If you're talking about the comparisons pic I'm pretty sure that was either photos or original paintings.
  11. A piece of advice: there are dozens of riduculously basic tuts here that, when sufficiently supplanted with ideas, will yield a masterpiece of a new method. My idea for galaxies came from the glowy swirl tutorial.
  12. Off the top of my head, I don't think there are any plugins with text effects (there was a commercial one a while ago)... Are you sure 3D won't do? I do know a number of awesome tuts that will amaze you. edit: here's something with translucency: glass text
  13. So are you like working on improving the clouds in the background, or adding stars, a mid-ground object, or something else entirely? If you want nebula advice I did a thread a few months ago with some decent advice listed: The perfect nebula A revived thread maybe... I'm sure the mods won't mind as long as something worthwhile is added (that is, if we have any good ideas).
  14. Are you freakin' joking me?! This is like in my top 5s list of quickest replies (keep in mind that most people consider a 13 hr reply to be fast ).
  15. If you're doing anything with space, I'm not godlike but I can be of assistance. So what exactly were you trying to do? I'm also decent with landscape and shadowing. BTW I'm all up for another nebulae discussion.
  16. Any news on 4.0 guys? We're tired of being in the dark.
  17. The clouds could use some work but the land and water is Suuuuuu@%*ingperb!!! I've been turning clouds into continental shapes for a while but never went this far!! WOWWWWW!!!!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: I'm gonna try animating this. It's been a while since I've done some hardcore PDN'ing; I think you have revived my hobby!!
  18. How'd you do the text? And the bottle cap ramp-thingy looks awesome.
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