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  1. Why can't the community run it? Or another one of the mods? This isn't a one-man job Rick.
  2. I understand it has no uses, but it could be used for aesthetic purposes. Also, Photoshop uses it. Why can't PDN? It just seems pointless to cut a feature.
  3. I did not know that. So you guys wanna lock this? It doesn't seem to be going anywhere...
  4. Welcome. If you want some immediate fun, go to the creations section in tutorials. It's awesome.
  5. Im not suggesting that Rick rewrite his code. All im suggesting is that he add some new features that people are asking for, not just sticking to including old plugins and maybe adding 1 new feature maybe every 20 releases.
  6. sigh... yet another workaround. Does Rick accept any new ideas at all?
  7. My nearly daily-use of photoshop at school now has my head filled with a bunch of suggestions for PDN, not all feasible. Amongst the doable, is there a possibility for saving selections? Maybe in PDN itself or a PDN?
  8. No, I'm not dead. Still cubing, now my pb is 13.53. Now for pix: The result of boredom. An 8x8. I was thinking of watermarking my artwork, but I'm still not sure. Either way here's my current idea: And of course with all the talk of windows 8 my mind's still on windows 9. And here's something i did for fun:
  9. i was being sarcastic. I thought that was welcomed here. Good comeback though.
  10. Thank you for explaining it. Also i kinda' agree the colors windows could use some tidying up.
  11. I'm all for a new theme, maybe something with planets and nebulae We should be redundant, and reuse themes to see what people come up with. but i had a new idea; what if instead we submitted, IOO, our best space pic? just an idea.
  12. Well cuber is what the community has been using for the last 30 years, so i guess the name stuck.
  13. Speedcubist? But seriously, the term is cuber (or speedcuber, depending on your desire to get faster or not). Like if you talked about a photoshop user, would you call them a photoshop user or a photoshopist (although that might depend on their level of craziness).
  14. http://peter.stillhq...besolution.html http://www.rubiks.co...nter/3x3_guide/ have you guys tried any of these resources? That's where i first learned the cube about a year ago and now my pb is 16 seconds (on new years eve).
  15. You??? but you're a programmer... And haha this thing doesn't have stickers...
  16. I actually did one in a simulator last summer; it took me 8hrs. It's not that hard. Just learn the 3x3, 4x4, and some extra stuff for the 5x5 and you're good to go on any size cube.
  17. You guys should check this out (skip to the fourth page): 17X17X17!! BY: OSKAR VAN DEVENTER!! :00::00::00::00:
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