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  1. You know my computer has 3GB of RAM; but it's still slow though because I have a single core (1.6 Ghz). But you already implemented it...
  2. Yay, new post! Thank you. I'm tired of triple posting. As for the rings I use my own method: planet rings update: my new PB is 19 seconds. :)
  3. Yay revived post! Perhaps we could make our own ship comparisons pic.
  4. Clear all history was done before, but Rick removed it as he dismissed it as "useless". As for file>export history as TXT, perhaps if we can get enough people to voice their desire for it, then Rick'll try it. As for selecting multiple layers, I doubt Rick will try it for a LONG time, but that would be awesome. Think about it, you could create an interstellar object and not have to flatten the layers in it. :) edit: what about drag n' drop layers (like, you select a layer and drag it up ten spots so you don't have to click move layer up 10x)?
  5. It's working now. Nice PDN text BTW. Aside from the aliased edges (I had this problem too ALL THE TIME when I started), the concept is pretty cool and unique. And nicely done glitter.
  6. How on earth would a plugin with just 2 or 3 slider tabs need that much space? Does it have something to do with noise settings and random #s?
  7. Do you mods have like a limited amount of bandwidth for new topics? You do tend to jump at useless threads. Perhaps a new thread for small questions would suffice.
  8. HaHa. But seriously, what if future plugins were designed to accept internal commands (like DOS)? All you'd need is some ASCII characters to recreate your pic. Another idea: file>export history list as TXT...
  9. Now here's what I don't understand; why would PDN have to keep a copy of EVERY SINGLE edit; why couldn't it just keep instructions, or commands, on recreating what was made? I don't get it why you guys haven't already considered this.
  10. When I load the page, it just says posted image. Could you check the link?
  11. This has to be like the quickest fix ever posted on the forum. BTW, tried this, and you can stretch it to like 300 size font and it stays crystal-clear and smooth. Sweet!
  12. Thanks for the update Rick. Regarding desktops, I'll try to post a screenshot of my own when I get home (on a school computer now). Like literally, I have the icon size set to small and there's about 15 open spaces.
  13. Rick is planning to make PDN 4.0 more plugin-friendly; perhaps he could allow plugins that do what you're asking. And EER, I understand where you're coming from, but then what's the point of continuing development if no one donates new ideas? Would we have gradient if no one asked for it? And btw, I'd have to say that while PDN's gradient tool is limited compared photoshop, or even gimp, It's still better because it renders in real-time. The true definition of user-friendly. And thank you Rick for PDN.
  14. I haven't done a whole lot lately, so I figured I'd sort through some old bitmaps I don't already have here. Here's my SAC6 entry. I didn't win, but it is one of my finest galaxies. Then here's my original SAC5 idea. I didn't like the colors, so I junked it for this. Then here's something I did recently. I like the look of clouds with a shadow for a planet, so I made another piece. Here's another sunset. Notice the clouds are now in the reflection, too. Then here's something I've been meaning to post here for a LONG time (August). It uses a decent glow and, most importantly, a sort of a multi-ring prototype technique. More windows. Not meant to be perfect, just some simple shadows and pixel art. Thanks for stopping by.
  15. The limit's like 3 months for bumping, not 3 days. You're fine.
  16. It's called Sparkle, and it works wonders.
  17. You mean the orb on page 1? That's v3.6! I just went over the original and replaced parts i didn't like, and feathered here and there. Actually, I think it was the first tut i followed on this forum (hence that's why it's the first pic in my gallery). Here's the tut if you're interested: glass ball by Sharp
  18. Love the metallic effect. The jewel looks a bit confusing at first, but it too deserves credit (I'd say that can be solved by playing around with the shadows). Another awesome tut!
  19. Cool sig bart, but why not add shadows under the letters? That always solves the issue of not getting text to show up over a background. Anyway, here's a little something i made with v3.36 (school computers don't have the 3.5 framework): I call it "aqua": I still say I came up with the effect before Mcsteeze. Heck, I was an 8th grader when I first made it! Anyway, the computers at NHS are dual-core, so I made the textures in the 1200x1600 workspace (and they rendered much quicker there than they would on my system, might i add), and resized them down to 800x600. I'm pleased with the outcome. cubing update: my new PB: 22.99 seconds ()
  20. On a new image (with a white background); ctrl+a, del. save as png or gif (they support transparency).
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