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  1. Hey everyone, yesterday for some technical problems I couldn't open the net because one of the wires burned and I had to fix it, so I just relaxed and thought of just messing with Paint.NET to waste time, but I actually came out with stuff I'd like to call "art". Well, you can see them below: http://s1-03.twitpicproxy.com/photos/large/443239184.png http://s1-04.twitpicproxy.com/photos/large/443238987.png http://s1-04.twitpicproxy.com/photos/large/443238875.png http://s1-04.twitpicproxy.com/photos/large/443238765.png Hope you like it!
  2. Thanks, but this didn't help me, because I wanted the green part to turn into red, not the blue part, here is the image http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/683/greenvest1.png/ That is what I meant
  3. Can anyone please help me, how can I set it to red only without damaging the other colors
  4. @EER Ok, well, I have tried to re-size it but it's not working so I posted the link so I don't brake the rule @n00b where do I set it, I have tried to set it in the red area but not working :S
  5. If you have used the Ctrl + C command in Windows, then you might haven't press them correctly or pressed a wrong button, if you used it by clicking the right click and then Copy/Paste, then if you have saved this image, I suggest that you Open it (Ctrl +Open in Paint.NET) and then Copy/Paste within Paint.NET
  6. I am sorry Ego, I didn't know that, I guess that I didn't read the rules correctly :S, I just checked them , and I am having a problem with this.. I am trying to get the green color of the vest into red, and I can't change a part of the image , and the Magic Wand isn't really doing a great job at selecting :@, if anyone can tech me how or do it for me I will be thankful http://imageshack.us.../greenvest.png/ @Moderators and Admins : I am trying to re-size this but it's not working, so I posted the link instead
  7. Hey guys, today I was wondering is it OK to get all the plug-ins in the forum, I am afraid because it might really slow Paint.NET or crash it , so I was wondering how much plug-ins do you have in Paint.NET and it's still going great , and what's the maximum amount of plug-ins a 3.5.8 Paint.NET can handle?
  8. xD! Well I can , it's very easy because I have a trained crew . I am making this Private Server, because I heard that good servers make a lot of money O_O
  9. To be completely honest, the answer is no, I took it from a game, that's why I am working in a private server of a game that has been already made; it's called "Club Penguin" and it's made by Disney Interactive Studios
  10. http://img841.imageshack.us/img841/7740/greyhoodie.png Here is the result!
  11. It doesn't matter how old are you , the smartest kid in the world is 10 and from Eypgt, and he out comes the world's smartest man in 3 degrees on the IQ Scale ..
  12. xD, I am going to try this now, I will post the result.. I am asking for this because I am working on custom items for a private server.. so that's why I want to make it rainbow, the grey one I will add Apple logo
  13. You realized that now! , I have that plug in and I have tried it, but it's not that good xP and if I want to be like you, I can be in like 2 seconds or less IMPORTANT If you know how I can make it grey, then please tell me
  14. Oh, well I didn't know that, I am 14 actually . And apparently, there is a lot for me to learn about colors http://tinypic.com/r/e6r97o/7
  15. Actually, I have a kinda better idea, there is a similar looking clothing item that I can use, it's red and I am sure it will work ^^, please don't lock this thread as I may need more help in this topic And thank you all for your help @PDNN00b is the color white doesn't have a saturation either?
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