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  1. Eat waffles instead What are you, a crazy man? I rather have cake
  2. Not really drooling over it or dreaming of, but I would love to have this computer. Since I'm on a budget right now, that's all I'm willing to spend. Maybe later down the road I'll upgrade the video/gfx card, but for now I'm good.
  3. Oh wow I had a similar idea, except mine was to modify existing logos/or make your own lol. Great, I will most likely enter too!
  4. The world is crumbling all around us?! Since when? (can two questions in a row be allowed like that?) [and no I haven't noticed ]
  5. This is an awesome site! It just looks cool and nice effects.
  6. What do you suggest I put in that empty space? Maybe a ticker on some sort? O.o...Or just move everything more up?
  7. Since you guys know what you're talking about...What do you think of this design? It's 1024x768 so I'll just link to it. Here you go.
  8. Wow nice, how did you find out about this? Sweet discovery
  9. Nice! I like the colors used in cool (rage), they all look unique, next time you enter in a comp I may be able to tell which one is yours . Keep it up Heat!
  10. Well D3TON4TOR how many more green day songs? Are you going to go through their entire discography? lol Anyways I'm neutral on green day, I neither like then nor hate them, just eh. As for the song...It sounds okay, it kind of sounds generic/pop-ish. I do like how they brought in the saxophone in here, wasn't expecting that. I guess they sounds good live, not many bands/people sound good live. Overall 6.1/10 [/url]
  11. Wow nice, congrats MMS! I'm starting to get interested in this type of stuff, so I may enter the next one.
  12. I guess it's alright. Calming instrumentals, at parts it sounded almost ambient. Lyrics good. The instrumentals and vocals complimented each other. Overall 6.9/10.
  13. I'm going to have to go with Ai7, I love the vintage look to it csm - 2 Ai7 - 1 Mayor - 0 Chrisco - 3
  14. Have you ever heard of Aion online? I personally never played it but people who were anticipating it said Aion would bring about the end of Wow.
  15. Congrats to all! Lol J.D., do you always play that game?
  16. ...Lol backwards b...Anyways... Wikipedian protester:
  17. Thanks Mayor Anyways, my vote goes to Leonte. Nice eye
  18. Thanks Kemaru! I will enjoy this cookie, did you make it yourself? Anyways, it's coming along good. I have no tips or advice since I'm a beginning pixel artist...Sorry!
  19. Pretty good song. The instrumentals were okay nothing special. But the lyrics for some reason were funny (to me) I liked them, interesting...It's quick and straight to the point. Nice. 8.3/10 Los Brios - Yo se que te acordaras Now for something in spanish...Reminds me of my childhood (along with other songs), my dad used to play this at times.
  20. Good cover. The instrumentals are what did it, it sounded at some parts like he added some synthetic sounds which fit in nicely. The voice was okay I guess, but still good. 8.1/10
  21. Yeah ptuZ entered when it wasn't allowed. It's mattz1996 vs. Trekker47
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