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  1. 36 - Saphron. Good music to just melt the day away.
  2. Yay for animated .gifs! Simple,blinking, 3D text. ~6.77/10. ┐('~`;)┌
  3. I'm surprised this hasn't made it to two pages yet! Artist: Yuri Baiborodov
  4. God I'm loving your fractals! And I love how much you've improved since last time I was here. Marry me! :O
  5. Honestly I made it so long ago (~2 years maybe?) that I can't even begin to remember how I did it. All I remember is starting with a gradient, then using glass blocks and alpha mask repeatedly all while duplicating layers, then flipping them, rotating them, cutting out portions of the layers, then duplicating them again and repeat (not really in that order). I think I used grim color reaper to remove the white (for transparency) before running the plugins and whatnot. And it doesn't help that I haven't been doing anything related to digital art for more than a year...Sorry couldn't be more of a help. Maybe you can ask some of the experienced artists around here to dissect it! (Was it here or the pdnfans forum that had a thread like that?) Well, in the meantime I'll try to replicate it (don't hold your breath though haha).
  6. Daww, mine's a little serious... The full quote was, "What we're all striving for is authenticity, a spirit-to-spirit connection.". I just ommited the 'a' and 'to'.
  7. I haven't played it. I'm okay High Stakes . I heard some people saying that it might as well be called, 'Burnout: Hot Pursuit' since it feels a lot like Burnout (only with cops), instead of going back to the roots of NFS as they claim. I don't get why do they call this only 'Hot Pursuit' and not 'Hot Pursuit III'...I might ask my cousin to rent it, I want to try it out too.
  8. Aren't players in the game supposed to know the rules?
  9. W00t! Congrats to everyone who placed! Oh and thanks HS ,and guess what? I correctly guessed which one was yours!
  10. Maybe this?...Look around that site, you may find something good.
  11. Well I just learned that the same people from westboro baptist church are coming to my area to protest a play that's for homosexual rights (yep the same people who protested at a soldiers funeral). On the upside, I heard that people are going to organize a counter-strike
  12. Mike, very unique and nice message behind it! I like the style and and all, well basically what MMS said. Cortez, I like it! Nice color theme too, but I'm going to have to go with pdm. Mike: 3 Cortez: 2 #winner paint dot mike
  13. Nice, my school is doing the same thing, except with a thing called "Rachel's Challenge". And as I looked around the gym, I saw crowds of people tearing up, I didn't realize people in my school were that human. But after that the people in my class were mocking it, so yeah...didn't last long. Heck, some people even think it's a conspiracy by both the speakers and the district to profit the speakers. How? By compelling you to buy their $1 pencils...Sheesh people. But thanks for this story, how were you changed by it paint dot mike?
  14. Well today I attempted my first render sig, and well I like it in a way buuut....how do you guys make it blend so well? O.o
  15. By screenshots I think it means showing the steps you said in the tut, not just the sig. So that includes the interface and whatnot. (I think) But other than that, good tut.
  16. Oh okay, I guess I misunderstood what you said. That would be interesting if you succeed, tell us how it goes for you lol
  17. It's a band wesbite. 'Access to Arasaka'. I looked up the URL and followed some links they had on there, but yeah, they also seem to show everything they make. They never say though, but I guess they're assuming since we stumbled upon their page, we must at least know what it is. Pretty cool how they disguised it.
  18. Actually csm you can run 2 OS's at the same time. It's called virtual machine (duh). You can use programs like VMware and run Windows Vista inside Windows XP or Linux Ubuntu inside Windows 7(and any variation). It operates as if it were a standalone machine. It's pretty cool actually You can do this without having to reboot at all. Just ctrl+click in any OS you wish to use to switch between them.
  19. It has some interesting music, did you find it? I also found wallpapers! And random links.
  20. I can't show you guys since I had to factory reset my computer, and also all the pics I had (when I started, up until this incident), I put them in a flash drive and misplaced at school, and now I'm pretty sure someone stole it.
  21. Man I wish I could help you. I know! Google to the rescue ta-da-da-taaa! Google (almost) always has the answers. And also you didn't say which browser you're using. (Firefox, IE, Opera, SeaMonkey, etc.?) [Does it make a difference? I don't know, maybe]
  22. Interesting, I didn't use gaussian blur at all in this sig (nor any blurs), I used Alpha-mask...And in those same spots you pointed out to. Oh well.
  23. There's blur in it? D: I gotta get a better video card!... As for the sig, I like the red graphics, the text is simple/basic but imo it works here. 7/10.
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