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  1. Good thing I always use Paint.NET and try to do something.
  2. Lol, I just made this when I was messing out with effects. And the apple, I got from google, I try to make a tut for making apples, currently i'm working on a tut to make a speaker.
  3. Ok, we're going to make this: We are going to use: Align Object Tiles Reflection XY Dents Drop Ripple Shape3D Curves/ Curves+/Color Filter/Hue Saturation/ Other color changing plugins. Step 1- Start with a new file, I prefer 800x600. Step 1.2- Get a picture of something. Like this: (It's the logo of Apple ) You can copy this pic since it's the one I used. You can use other ones. Step 2- :AddNewLayer: Add new layer. Name it Warp. Step 2.2- :Paste: Paste the silver apple. Then use Magic Wand(Tolerance 30%), click outside of the apple then hit :Delete: delete. Then Align Object to the middle. Step 2.3- Use Tiles Reflection XY (Default Settings). Step 2.4- Use Dents (Default Settings). Step 2.5- Use Drop Ripple (Amount 4, others default) Step 2.6- Use Shape3D with this settings:(You can change the Object Rotation if you like) Result: You can change the colors with color changing plugins like Hue/Saturation, Gradient Mapping, etc. David.Atwell, is this ok? .
  4. Ok, goin' to make one.
  5. I also made one green.
  6. A time warp, I dunno how to call it but time warp or warp is the first thing that came in my brain. Please tell me if it's ok to be made in a tut.
  7. I just got that I.E. pic from a search, I just needed to do it fast. Lol.
  8. Hi! Look what I made : I also made one for Internet Explorer.
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