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  1. ^ SSBB addict. (Good thing) < Uses the XD smiley (and has a funny new sig) v Plays SSBB ?
  2. It is a browser issue. Here's what I see in Firefox 3.1 b2 : If I put both in two layers in PDN and select Difference blending mode, all that I can see is black.
  3. *pwnage* Could you say this in the first post please ? I'm sure I'm not the only user who wanted to open APNGs :idea: But, it's still a really nice plugin. Oh, and is there a way to show the GIF in the picture box on the right of the settings when you save ? (don't know what's its name in English...sorry) And a way to know the file size, too (but this isn't really important)
  4. It works. But if I try to open an APNG (by double-clicking on it in my documents or in the recent file list), there's an unspecified error.
  5. I tried a 5-frame APNG, loop animation and 25 delay, ... "An unspecified error occured while saving the file" (Mine was in French "Une erreur non spécifiée s'est produite lors de l'enregistrement du fichier") In case it helps, name was "Test APNG.apng" I re-tried after with 20 delay and loop, and it worked. [EDIT] Oh and, after having renamed .apng to .png to upload it, I wanted to change it and I renamed my file from .png to .apng, then tryed to open with PDN. "An unspecified error occured while opening the file" (In French "Une erreur non spécifiée s'est produite lors de l'ouverture du fichier")
  6. The latest version doesn't show the brush loading ...Your bug is impossible if you are using the latest version o_O
  7. Press Ctrl Shift F on your pdn image to flatten it, save it as a gif/png/jpeg, pres Ctrl Z (Undo) to undo the flattening, and continue your work.
  8. Search "ico" in the plugin part. (And please, speak kindly, Rick isn't your slave)
  9. Hmmm.... Maybe if you do an effect into Codelab/PixelLab/something that turns the image black&white, and then use ScriptLab and its Batch Processor to apply the effect on multiples images...
  10. Serach "PDN shortcut" in the Tutorials+ forum :wink:
  11. It's possible to brush with transparency :wink: In the paintbrush options, there sould be a :NormalBlending: ...Click on it and change that to :OverwriteBlending: . Now if you brush with a transparent color, it works :wink:
  12. The new Xbox 360 interface is bad. Really bad Why don't they say "hey, if you want the new interface you have it, and if you don't want it you don't have it" ? >_<
  13. [For all, he's saying he tryed to install PDN but his Pc crashed, so he tryed to remove PDN with an uninstaller but it didn't work...] Bon il y a le truc par défaut de Windows mais je suppose qu'il marche pas..Il y a CCleaner, qui entre autre permet de désinstaller des programmes. Ou alors simplement détruire le fichier contenant PDN (normalement C:\Program Files\Paint.NET), puis de passer avec CCleaner et de lui dire de corriger toutes les erreurs du registre, normalement il détectera et balaiera toutes les traces de PDN.
  14. ...You're trying to uninstall PDN to re-install it ? And I don't really understand "I had a crash since my machine and not install one version of PDN." I think there's something missing between "machine" and "and"... PS: I see you speak french, if you can't describe the problem in english, PM me in french :wink:
  15. They are all cushions, it was just a funny image
  16. Click outside the selection and drag your selection where you want =D (I just tried with a 4x4 selection and it worked)
  17. Are you sure you put the DLL, and not the ZIP or the CS (or the EXE installers) ? Are the DLL in the Effects folder, or in the FileType folder for the filetypes ? If you downloaded Pyro's plugins, have you downloaded "pyrochild.effects.common.dll" too ? And if you have Kris VDM's plugins, do you have "Vandermotten.PaintDotNetEffects.dll" ? And Ed Harvey's plugins need the two dll to work. Finally, have you anything in the File menu, like "Show plugins loading errors" (don't know what is it in English, made a translation...) with a green icon next of it ?
  18. I was playing with MadJik's Roses...I like it =D
  19. =_='''' We're on a PDN forum, you know. And I'm not a programmer but I don't think Photoshop is written in .NET code. Why would these plugins work with Photoshop ?
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