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  1. Absolutely Awesome. Thankyou very much all of you. That worked a charm. exactly the result that I wanted. There is nothing like a small success to inspire someone. Germ.
  2. Thankyou, that helped me to select the head. But how do I enlarge it? Germ.
  3. I am by no means either a computer or image editing expert so I need some patient help here. There have been a few people wanting to cut out parts of a photo and then paste that cutout onto another image. I would like to add myself to that group. I want to take photo's of family members, cut out around the shape of the head, enlarge the cutout head shape and paste it back onto the original body for a cartoon effect. I have followed the Tutorial on cutting out images and I am now the proud creator of an image of my own head (with checkerboard backround). I have also managed to merge that head back onto a copy of the original image. (Now I have two heads!) So........ How do I- Select the image of my head.So that I can... - Enlarge the image of my head. Thanks in advance for any help. Germ.
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