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  1. 9/10. Awesome. That's just all I can say. Question, though... why the black bars at the top & bottom?
  2. 7/10. Kinda simple but I like the gradient and reflection effects.
  3. Gah! Escher makes my head ache. Looks fine, as long as you're looking at it from the right angle.
  4. I've seen the above one before... really freaky. This is another really insane one. The lines of checkered squares aren't squashed the way they look. No, really! Check it in PdN or something, you'll see you get the same Y coordinate for both ends of a the line.
  5. The ripple plugin in that tut looks kinda like the PdN Dents plugin, if you mess with the dents enough you might get an effect sorta like that.
  6. I've always wondered why you have to use a hosting site for a sig, but you can upload an avatar directly from your computer. *scratches head*
  7. Alternatively, you could use the Outline Object tool on your text layer (I think Outline Object comes from a plugin pack but I don't remember what... search for it in the Plugins forum, you'll probably find it. Try BoltBaits effects pack). Using a color that's easily distinguisable from the text makes it more visible. For instance: When outlined with white.
  8. Yeah, but how long would it take everybody to re-learn all the interfaces after the change? I bet there'd be some major whining and "bring back our PdN" stuff going on.
  9. Select it with the magic wand (you'll have to mess with the tolerance depending on the color of your image) and hit Delete. That will turn it transparent, so that what you'll see will be a checkerboard pattern as background... but if you save it as a PNG or GIF (I would recommend PNG) it will turn out a transparent background.
  10. 7/10... interesting effect. Did you use the Noise for that?
  11. Hi all, I'm new to Paint.NET, discovered it a few days ago, and was totally blown away by all the possibilities. Up until then my graphics editing had consisted of using Photofiltre (a basic, non-layer-supporting image editing program). Har har. Anyway, I am now trying to remove the text, symbol, and lines from this image: Is there any way to do this and make it look natural? Thanks.
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