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  1. at first i thought who might need it :shock: ?! just put the object were you want!!, but few days later, after working on things like glass buttons............. i had to flip the whole forum trying to find it!!! and at last i did
  2. will i noticed somthing else, the color match plugin (which by the way areal amazing one) didn't work with the old pyrochild.effects.common.dll i had a pdn-crash file!!!! i wanted to post to u, but i first tryed the new one.. and everything worked, and i didn't have to remove an old plugin which splatter ( another TOXIC tool :twisted: ). so just wanted to tell you if you can add this info in the (read me file). ( i mean changing pyrochild.effects.common.dll every time, it happened to me it might happen to others) thank u, hope to see more
  3. really great , but what is : TwistZ ??? "some just started learning.. "
  4. just a suggestion... why not add another download link, so no 1 download everything again and again, and i this way every1 will now if there was an upgrade or a fixed bug and thank you for the new plugins.
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