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  1. your current sig is freaking awesome! I'm lovin' it!

  2. Well I happen to use FireFox. (Who in the world wouldn't at this point? lol) Still, Png may have higher quality but it'll probably make the file size hard for people with slower connections. I don't want people taking forever to load a page just because I have a cool sig. (I tend to use a lot of frames by the way.) Finally got it working, windows 7 has the ability to edit file extensions off by default. Plus I already had the plug-in pack, I just didn't realize I had to put the file in the "File Types" folder. Thanks once again.
  3. Hey, thanks. No clue why the search didn't find it...
  4. Kinda hard to put an actual name on it but. I searched around a bit and didn't find anything. Is there a plug-in or program or something that can take apart an animated .gif file and save the individual frames as separate files or as layers in a .pdn file? If no such thing exists then consider this a plug-in request.
  5. I just moved to a new PC and this thread was absolutely awesome. It made tracking down those obscure plug-ins that I use all too often so easy. Sure I could've copied the files over, but many new versions have come out and it's kinda hard to keep track of them all. Thanks dude.
  6. One of our cats just tore the stuffing out of my right shoulder and foot. (I think he's jealous of my skin.)
  7. Usually about 4-5 hours of beating my head on the wall, trying to think of something to do. Then I get an idea, but after about an hour of work, I realize that it stinks. So I start over. From there, I decide to make the dumbest thing I can imagine, but while I'm doing that, I often stumble upon a neat effect. I then spend 30 minutes or so trying to duplicate the effect, and another 45 minutes, testing out the variable outcomes... After that it's about 3 days of on-and-off trying to get if to fit into something with out looking like crud. ...And then I usually don't use it at all. Usually and hour or two to make something decent.
  8. 7/10 I looks good, but it just doesn't stand out in any meaningful way. (Not my particular taste) The problems i see are, the text is fuzzy, and the top of the pentagon is kinda messed up looking. Rate.
  9. Pretty good tutorial... My outcome: Only thing I can find wrong with it is you called the pokemon "kabutops", it's actually an "abra". (So I'm a nerd, sue me.) Oh and TopHATslash, don't forget that imitation is sincerest form of flattery.
  10. Most of this is for fallensword It's a free MMO... ^lol, I got bored.
  11. I think you should give a point to eastboy, because no one replied for a week or so.
  12. *Rant* This MMO site that I play on is down for "maintenance", probably won't be up for 3-4 more hours. It's like 95 degrees outside, the grass needs cutting, and the pollen is clogging up my nose worse that if you crammed there whole pineapples down your toilet. On the bright side, I just put my air conditioner in my window... ...but I have to go away til probably Friday, to a place with no AC. (A marina, and yes, there's a pool. No, the pool is not open.)
  13. Okay, this is rather profane. (rather = very) But it's still funny anyway. It's much funnier if you've played portal.
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