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  1. Um.. was there a point in bringing this topic back to life to say that?
  2. Is it just me or do you always cut the right side of off your desktop screenshot?
  3. I'd ask.. but I'm not sure I wanna know.
  4. That's rather strange. And sad. It freaked me out at the part where he said the balcony wasn't high enough "for what he had to do." :shock:
  5. Actually I didn't want that. I just realized I typed that wrong. Okay, next person skip me.
  6. There you go advertising again.. About time! Now I can get posting!
  7. ?/? No siggeh? Ok, be HONEST with my sig. I wanna know how to improve. (Other than spending more time on it. (only spent about 30 mins. on it. that's why it sucks.)) If you say anything above 7 your lieing. If not, then you'd better have good reasons to support your rating!
  8. Dude. Rick. Your computer pwns all of ours. 8 gig of ram?! I wish I had an 8800 GTS! I've got.. (don't make too much fun.) 6100. (Atleast I can play BF2. ) Ok mine: Custom Build, if not which company? Psh. Freakin' emachine. Laptop or Desktop: Desktop OS: Windows XP Processor: AMD Sempron 2.11 GHz Motherboard: AM2 uATX Motherboard [got that from emachines.com] Video/Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 6100 or somethin like that. How much HD space? 160 Gig HDD How much RAM? 1 gig. Screen? Psh. So old I don't even know. Some lame dell. Keyboard? Dell. Mouse? Wireless Microsoft Mouse.. I guess.
  9. Other than the ability to import and render C4D files and the $250 difference in price, there really isn't one Ah, I figured you could already do that with just CS3. I learneded sumthing noo tuhhday. I shoold lern to spell now.
  10. @vista: Oh my gosh. I am laughing so hard at these videos! Thanks
  11. 1. Ironman 2. Hancock. 3. Spiderman 3?
  12. That's cool. I have Photoshop CS3. No extended. (what's the difference anyway?) And I find it easier to use.. than GIMP. But PDN wins all the way!
  13. It's actually pretty chilly in here. Feels like higher 60's. My computers temps are down a lot too!
  14. I could've sworn that phpBB3 had a post count thing.. But I didn't install those forums. it was hosted by freephpbb3.com ..
  15. No! Nobody gonna say anything about mah computerz?!
  16. Probably about 2 years ago! :o I discovered it from someone on freewebsforum (r.i.p. ) And just loved it!
  17. So you got the site going? I think I might join! Edit; Just did! :twisted:
  18. Mine: (liek my 98 theme? ) http://i34.tinypic.com/rmic8j.jpg Btw, I didn't mean the program was illegal. Just (most) stuff you download. (songs, etc. is illegal.) [/enough about utorrent.]
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