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  1. Ok, thanks. I made that real quick just to replace the default one. I think I'm just gonna make an entire new one. (Btw, I can't center it.. that's where it goes. But like I said, I'll just make a completely new one.)
  2. What would you change? (As in colors, etc. )
  3. I also have a GPS. Best invention ever. During the day, I no longer get frantic calls from my wife asking me to go to google maps. Well aren't you just lucky?
  4. That's not officially being done by Rick Brewster.
  5. No. Paint.NET is only for Windows. Edit: You could've figured that out by checking the FAQ. viewtopic.php?f=12&t=489 There ^
  6. Uh.. that leads to a pacman crop circle.
  7. No.. but you can find 2 of your pictures here!
  8. Jake you should join & be like... HEY! I made this tut. I'm gonna sue!! (x 1,000 !'s)
  9. Rant: People who post big pictures on photobucket. The pictures take forever to load. They should use TinyPic.
  10. I'm gonna google that place, I bet it was nice. 8) Next time take me. EDIT: Zomg! was the water REALLY this clear?! If so.. definitely take me next time! btw, ....
  11. I don't think so. It's really cool.
  12. They are all nice, but I really like #1, #3, and your 3D text. Keep going!
  13. viewforum.php?f=20 Read those first ^^ And this topic (not only breaks those ^.. but) doesn't belong here. It belongs here.
  14. *cough* you didn't leave anything. *cough* Uhm, Dell or Alienware?
  15. I think you should resize that to 800x600 or post a linked thumbnail. I thought about telling him that.. but I didn't care. edit; nevermind. I right clicked-->view image and it was the right size. Must be phpBB3.
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