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  1. viewtopic.php?f=20&t=3446 Read number 6 especially.
  2. In soon to be news, I won't be on much in the next 2 weeks (zomg. what will you all do without me!? :shock: ) as I will be going to my dad's then the last week of this month I'm going to Indiana Beach!
  3. Oooooooh, that sounds cool. Half Life 2 (according to google) Deathmatch. (I didn't know what the DM was. )
  4. I might've missed something.. but a map for what? (Speaking of maps, I successfully made one for Battlefield 2! )
  5. Oh my gosh.. IP(B?) sure is coming out with a lot of software. Geniuses.
  6. So remove everything, then add 1 in. If Firefox doesn't crash, add another. And so on.. when it does start to crash.. there's your verdict. Rant; "There is not enough memory. The page will be displayed at lower quality." Stupid 8mb of RAM PSP.
  7. If only I'd made it.. I guess I should've mentioned that. :oops:
  8. Awesome, I'm checking it out right now!
  9. :shock: I once went to a store or restaurant that said something like the security cams in the bathrooms were viewed by the same sex, so there wouldn't be problem right? Think about it. (Btw, that's true. It was soo long ago I can't remember where though.. :?)
  10. Wow.. we were on the same page in this thread for more than a day. :o
  11. I know I've read about the text.. nobody really likes it.. but from what I remember (now this might not be right..) you're gonna have to wait until... 4.0. :? I'll go search.
  12. Computer. $500 or $100 and Photoshop?
  13. Mac. Linux caused me problems. Windows XP or Windows Vista?
  14. @CMD: That is really, really cool! :shock:
  15. Wow, that's gotta suck man. Rant: 1 word. Recession.
  16. Love In This Club Pt. 2 - Usher, Lil Wayne, Beyonce.. I think that's all.
  17. Hmm.. was that a reply to Simon or what..? :?
  18. Ok, I figured out my stuff more detailed. Custom Build, if not which company? Emachine. Laptop or Desktop: Desktop OS: Windows XP Processor: AMD Sempron 2.11 GHz Performance Rated at 2.11 GHz Motherboard: AM2 uATX Motherboard Video/Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 6100 nForce 405 512mb How much HD space? 160 Gig HDD How much RAM? 1 gig (actually rated at 895mb. But both sticks are 512mb. ) Screen? Old lame Dell Monitor. Keyboard? Dell.. Mouse? Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse 2.0
  19. vista: That looks awesome, I'll check it out. :wink: EDIT: Oh my gosh, that game's friggin impossible! :?
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