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  1. Then why don't you all act like this every day when soldiers over seas die. Or when someone dies every second, year 'round.
  2. Its good you care, but don't start feeling very bad and sad. The event is sad, but getting sad over it is a little too much.
  3. Though its a sad loss, and he was very young.. maybe you guys are going too far. I understand your feelings, because I was close to him.. but at the same time he is just a name on an internet forum. Its sad, but not tragic.
  4. He was likw 14. Were me and Ben the only ones who were around when it happened?
  5. Wow this is so sick: http://mattzy.deviantart.com/art/Eagle-Shot-107151415
  6. Though I have been lucky enough to actually learn how to mix by a DJ on my cruise.. this game looks sick now that I saw this pic: DAFT PUNK FTW
  7. He was a very active poster around here, and TF. He would help me out when I needed suggestions on stuff. He was a sig maker. Then one day, he just passed away.
  8. <3 Too bad I kinda stopped using PDN. I might make a tag with it in the near future. Same. and Mark, he posts his stuff on SW.
  9. I was really good friends with him. RIP
  10. On a last note: Doctor was basically the pioneer of render based sig making in pdn. He was here way before you ever joined. He could produce some sick stuff with on effects, since this was before custom brushes/smudging/and a lot of stuff in PdN3. When I use to post on Gamerenders, he was there winning back to back sotw's.
  11. Real mixing with real turntables is so much fun.
  12. I think blooper/helio/doctor/flow55 are still the best sig makers on this forum.
  13. What are these "best" render signatures you speak of. Who are they by?
  14. That was a spelling error, you pointed out a grammar error.
  15. Oh yeah, todays my mom's birthday too! You share it, haha.
  16. WRITUNG! :O Offtopic: Collabing with Survulus now. :)
  17. Pointing out the mistakes from an 11 year old...
  18. They do, if you know how to make them. There are a bunch of guidelines and techniques to them.. its amazing. You can't just paste a render onto a background and think its a sig. You have to get flow going, a nice depth, unique effects, etc. I'm not even very good at them compared to some of the guys on FringeFX and SigResource..
  19. Happy birthday. The cake is in fact pie! :AddNoise: :AddNoise:
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