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  1. ^ will have to work for his 7.99 < needs her back cracked v could also use a good back crack
  2. I have the exact same issues. I have reinstalled the plugin, and nada. Still crashes. Maybe we should compare crash logs...
  3. I am getting errors and PDN is crashing when I try to run this plugin... It is not because of too many brushes this time Any suggestions as to what can be causing the errors and what I can do to fix this?
  4. ^ is only semi correct < does not really talk about private life on the forum V knows that ^ is a girl
  5. ^ mentioned fried oreos in the Crazy Dishes Thread < gets queasy thinking about them v likes corndogs
  6. True-We all have to once in awhile, sometimes blowing just does not work. TPBM has clean underwear on. (I really Hope)
  7. ^ wants new members for their site < is already a mod on 2 other sites, but will consider joining v will smack a mosquito today
  8. That is the only way we eat it around here I like Grilled Egg and Cheese sandwiches. You fry the egg (stir it so the yoke cooks too) and then put the egg aside for a minute. Put your grilled cheese together like you normally would, but put the egg between the layers of cheese. Then cook like you normally would. Give it a few extra minutes to cool, the egg gets hot. I have my neighbors in my apartment building addicted to them.
  9. Neither to be honest but I guess Photoshop is easier for the average user. Marker or Crayon? Edit: Ahh you beat me to the punch.
  10. ^ knows what color my bedroom walls are :shock: < needs to wash some dishes v thinks pink is a girly color
  11. Board Games, more fun with the whole family. hair brush or comb?
  12. Not bad, I just suggest zooming out a little. You should have seen my first attempt :shock:
  13. This looks fun. I cannot wait to play around with it.
  14. ^ ate my cookie < has been out of school awhile now v will go back to school this fall
  15. Head. I have foot issues ew Apple Jacks or Cheerios?
  16. True-I need a chiropractor TPBM is going to see Hancock in theater.
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