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  1. Bine, cetăţene, tu ai întotdeauna dreptate şi scrii 20 de rânduri pentru fiecare două ale mele. Problema este că numeşti limba "rumînă" pe site-ul tău, dar nu şi aici. De ce nu foloseşti acelaşi cuvânt, "rumînă", cu "u" şi aici? Asta nu mai ţine de grafie. Este vorba de un alt sunet, "u" în loc de "o", care se pronunţă diferit.
  2. În regulă. Dar atunci de ce nu ai curajul să scrii la fel şi aici. Să ştie toată lumea că traducerea este într'o altă limbă, în limba "rumînă". Altfel înseamnă că induci în eroare utilizatorii, care cred că descarcă o traducere în limba română literară.
  3. Schimbă atunci şi titlul postării, să se ştie că ai făcut o traducere în limba rumînă, iar nu în cea română, aşa cum fals vrei să se creadă. Limba folosită aici seamănă cu cea din Transnistria (încă) sovietică.
  4. Vai de săraca limbă română, în ce hal ai ajuns să o batjocoreşti: pe site-ul tău îi zici rumînă! http://muntealb.orgfree.com/Traduceri/traduceri-softuri.htm Două grave greşeli de ortografie în chiar numele limbii arată clar cât poţi să fii de analfabet.
  5. Another answer - just try: void Test() { Image image = new Bitmap(16, 16); Graphics G = Graphics.FromImage(image); G.DrawLine(new Pen(Color.Red), 8, 1, 8, 2); image.Save(MyBitmap.bmp); }
  6. Actually, it is very simple. The line which displays 100 pixels, is obviously 99 pixels long. Any first grader knows that: Problem: There are 100 trees on a road's edge. The distance between two of them is 1 meter. What is the distance between the first and the last one? Answer: 100 meters -> wrong, you failed. Answer: 99 meters -> good, you passed. EDIT: Be nice. ~BoltBait
  7. I think your Line is actually 1 pixel long, not 2. Don't be surprised. It has 2 adjacent pixels. This means that its length is 1 pixel. More general: If a line has N pixels, its length is N - 1 pixels. Explanation: Just substract the pixels (horizontal) coordinates. And, by the way: Why do you consider that the length should be mesured from the LEFT edge of the FIRST pixel to the RIGTH edge of the LAST pixel??? Paint.NET mesures it correctly, from the CENTER of the FIRST pixel to the CENTER of the LAST pixel. If that line of yours would have been reported having a length of 2, I would ha
  8. Sorry, but you were wrong... The buttons always did what they said. You must understand that: Horizontal Mirror = Vertical Flip Vertical Mirror = Horizantal Flip I never used and I will never use the word "flip" anywhere in my plugins, because of this possible ambiguity. The First and Second Diagonal Mirrors do just this: A mirror (geometrical transformation) on the respective diagonal... I really, cannot care less about what photoshop or other software does. Whoever likes that software may buy it. I will not. I am sure that, if you think for a few seconds, you will understand this equ
  9. You're welcome! Anyway, I'm more eager to receive bug reports and feature suggestions, than praises...
  10. I submitted ToliEffects version 2.02. Why? - One localization bug fixed - Portuguese translation added (thanks to "gege") Note: Translations of my plugins into other languages will also be appreciated. Just take a look at "gege's" work and do the same and I'll promptly include it too. (I already provided English, French and German)
  11. I could try doing that... I have to look more closely on that website. Good suggestion.
  12. Thank you (Obrigado) for your contribution, which will be soon included and for the bug report, which will be soon fixed, because it really is an easy fix.
  13. I had exactly the same problem with v. 3.22: I used the build-in update feature. It downloaded ok, started to uninstall and stalled for ever (my patience lasted for three hours) I killed the 4 processes and peeped into the installation directory. It was completely empty, although the subdirectories had files in them. I got no icons on desktop or anywhere else. I removed the entire directory tree, manually downloaded the file from the site and installed it without problems. Now I was happy, but curious to see if I had a bohrbug or a heisenbug. So, I uninstalled it, reinstalled v. 3.20 an
  14. You are overwhelming me... :oops: Thank you for your appreciation. Glad to help.
  15. Whew! Finally I got some time to update my plugins. Changes: 1. Now they are licensed under the GNU Public License. 2. Minor compatibility changes with Paint.NET v.3.20 3. Fixed bug when limited user's preferences were not saved (only an Administrator can write in Program Files). Now the preferences are saved in a different Ini File (ToliEffects.ini located in {LocalApplicationData}\Paint.NET\). The Language Ini Files are still kept in {ProgramFiles}\Paint.NET\Effects\, since they are read-only. 4. Fixed possible future compatibility issue regarding unapropriate use of PdnResources class.
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