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  1. Well... He should not try to publish such a plugin. But I really think he can use it at his own home computer. > As of now, your posts will require individual approval by a moderator. I don't think so. pyrochild says: You don't think so? I do think so.
  2. Try to make the files zero bytes long. It may work. I did not try it.
  3. It is possible to make a modeless plugin. However, for unknown reasons, the mods get very angry about this. If you learn some c#, you may code it yourself. If you need help, ask me.
  4. 1. You may have the right to reverse-engineer the format on grounds of interoperability. Look up the issue on Wikipedia. 2. There is a small program which reads a pdn file and saves all its layers as separate files. So, that program knows the internal structure of the pdn file. It can be found here, on this forum. Just search for it. Its author may help you or you may research the software itself. 3. I don't think that the format changed from version 3.2 on. Or, the source code for version 3.2 is available. You may find it on the Internet. Try using google. 4. If you succeed doing it, pl
  5. Maybe see a dentinst and then shoot another photo?
  6. The shortcut is actually Control | OemPlus. So, it will work on any keyboard that has it.
  7. It only takes a tenth of a second to press CTRL+S. I do it every minute and it keeps me happy.
  8. 1. The point of origin should always be 0, 0. 2. BottomLeft is only valid for bmp files and they are very seldom used.
  9. Thank you all. I do not want to go any further. I hope that everything will be fine from now on.
  10. @pyrochild: Well done. See, it is not too hard to spend 2 minutes to explain something. (your explanation is good) 1. The problem I was reffering to was in short this: I posted some advice about plugins in the plugin development forum, in a very decent language. That's all. 2. If the city decides (urbanism plans) that your house should be painted pink, some workers, guarded by the police will come and paint it pink. 3. I am not whining. I was not complaining to you. I was only telling the OP what an unfair world / forum / situation he (and I) is (are) into. 4. I am not a child. I am way o
  11. Partially true. I had one post removed twice, in spite of it not breaking any rule! It was because, as Rick and Pyrochild told me, they did not want my post. To summarize, it is sadly very true that this forum is not democratic, as it should be. In my country, we fought for democracy and we won. I suppose we should do the same here. We will probably win, if we are many of us, determined like you and me.
  12. Win7 Professional x64, no problems. Win7 Professional x86, no problems.
  13. You may write a filetype plugin for it and share it on the forum!
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