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  1. Not bad, I just suggest zooming out a little. You should have seen my first attempt :shock:
  2. Well said. I think this argument is rather silly. We all have our opinions, and we are entitled to them... However most of us are here to learn and experiment with PdN. It is after all the PdN website. I imagine Photoshop forums would be irate if we were to join then and spam their program of choice. Some tact in expressing our opinions would be nice. Since this IS the PdN forum, I imagine this isn't quite the proper place to be dissing the program...
  3. Mon Aug 20, 2007 6:32 am a thread was posted welcoming him as the newest Mod. So I am assuming shortly before then.
  4. The slit is not coming to me... For the heart I followed your tut except made the top black smaller, then sphered it, and with no lighting. then made a black heart to fit over the pupil section, outlined it in the iris accent color and then re-sphered it... Which I am sure there is a more interesting way... OH wait why am I telling this to you, you know far more than I could grasp I anxiously await the next tut.
  5. I would have offered cheesecake had I known you liked it so much. But cookies usually loosens secrets too.
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